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Axpo is driven by a single purpose – to enable a sustainable future through innovative energy solutions. Axpo is Switzerland's largest producer of renewable energy and an international leader in energy trading and the marketing of solar and wind power. Axpo combines the experience and expertise of more than 6,000 employees who are driven by a passion for innovation, collaboration and impactful change. Using cutting-edge technologies, Axpo innovates to meet the evolving needs of its customers in over 30 countries across Europe, North America and Asia.

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Together with its partners, Axpo operates over 100 power plants. Our climate-friendly Swiss electricity mix consists of hydropower, biomass and nuclear energy and features very low CO2 emissions. As the largest producer of hydropower, and thanks to our investments in biomass and fermentation plants as well as small hydropower plants, we are the largest producer of renewable energies in Switzerland. Axpo supplies its customers with up to 3200 MW of capacity via a 2200-kilometre distribution network (110, 50 and 16 kilovolts).

Abroad, Axpo focuses on solar and wind energy and invests in technically and economically suitable locations. Our wind farm portfolio includes plants in France, Spain, Italy and Northern Europe. Axpo also holds an interest in the Global Tech I offshore wind farm in the German North Sea. Through its subsidiary Volkswind, Axpo also contributes its expertise to the planning, project planning and construction of wind farms. Through its subsidiary Urbasolar, Axpo is active in the entire solar energy value chain.

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Er zijn berichten bij Axpo binnen gekomen dat een bepaalde persoon LEROY ONG zich frauduleus voordoet als een vertegenwoordiger van Axpo Solutions (Axpo) in Nederland. Voor alle duidelijkheid, Axpo werkt niet via handelsagenten en deze persoon vertegenwoordigt Axpo niet.

Deze persoon biedt naar verluidt energiecontracten in naam van Axpo aan met tarieven onder de gangbare markttarieven aan particulieren en het midden- en kleinbedrijf. Axpo biedt geen energiecontracten aan onder de marktprijs en levert bovendien niet aan particulieren of het midden en kleinbedrijf.

En er wordt blijkbaar een voorschot betaling gevraagd voor enkele maanden energielevering. Axpo zal nooit via een tussenpersoon een voorschot vragen. Voor de volledigheid verwijst Axpo naar haar officieel bevoegde vertegenwoordigers zoals gepubliceerd in de KvK (

Mocht u door deze persoon benaderd zijn met voormelde voorstellen, vragen wij u aangifte te doen bij de politie.


Axpo has received reports that a person, LEROY ONG, is fraudulently pretending to be a representative of Axpo Solutions (Axpo) in the Netherlands. For the avoidance of doubt, Axpo is never represented by sales agents i.e. this person does not represent Axpo.

This person allegedly offers in the name of Axpo energy contracts with below-market rates to individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises. Axpo does not offer energy contracts with below-market rates and moreover does not supply private individuals or small and medium-sized enterprises.

An advance payment is apparently requested for a few months of energy supply. Axpo will never ask for an advance payment through an intermediary. For completeness Axpo refers to the list of its published representatives on the Chamber of Commerce (

If this person has approached you with proposals as mentioned hereabove, we kindly ask you to report it to the police.

Stroometiket 2022

The "stroometiket" discloses the source and environmental impact of the electricity supplied by Axpo Solutions in the Netherlands in the calendar year 2022. For each of our customers in the Netherlands, we define on an individual basis the specific source(s) and origin(s) of electricity supplied. In 2022, 70.8% of the electricity supplied by Axpo to our customers was CO2 free..

Wind 17.3%
Solar 0.8%
Water 13.3%
Biomass 0.0%
Other Renewable 0.0%
Subtotal 31.4%
Natural Gas 29%
Coal 0%
Nuclear 39.4%
Other Non-Renewable 0%
Subtotal 68.6%
Environmental Impact
CO2 (Kg/MWh)                                    110.81
Kernafval (Kg/MWh)                                                 0.57
Origin Renewables
Percentage domestic (Netherlands) 3%
Percentage imported 97%
Origin Non-Renewables
Percentage domestic (Netherlands) 55%
Percentage imported 45%

The "stroometiket" is published according to the guidelines of the Autoriteit Consument & Markt (ACM). To prove the source of the electricity supplied, energy suppliers use the system of Guarantees of Origin (green) and Certificates of Origin (grey) which follows from the Elektriciteitswet 1998. Axpo redeems the Guarantees of Origin or Certificates of Origin on the Dutch certificates register CertiQ. 

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