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Solar energy 21.01.2021

Axpo and IWB to build Muttsee solar plant; Denner to use the electricity

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Company 15.01.2021

Axpo Holding AG General Meeting - shareholders approve dividend

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Hydropower 15.01.2021

KLL increased production significantly

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Hydropower 05.01.2021

Klingnau hydropower station: electricity for 45,000 homes produced

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Nuclear energy 21.12.2020

Beznau nuclear power plant: both units back on grid

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Company 18.12.2020

Avectris sold to GIA Informatik AG

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Energy dialogue - the political debate

Climate change, decarbonisation and the associated energy issues represent a major global challenge. The decommissioning of fossil fuel and nuclear power plants is offset by a hesitant expansion of renewables and rising consumption. The issue affects us all. Because: If the secure supply of electricity is endangered, our lives come to a standstill. 

For Axpo there are no black-and-white answers to the open questions in energy and climate policy. Sustainable solutions can only be found together. This is why Axpo is committed to an energy dialogue without blinkers and is conducting it with politicians from all sides. Click here to go to our dialogue platform:

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Renewable energy 21.01.2021

"We need a new solution for winter power"

Solar researcher Annelen Kahl on the solar project in the Glarus Alps

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Renewable energy 21.01.2021

Off to the mountains!

Enjoy the mountains and the cool alpine air at the Muttsee

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Renewable energy 21.01.2021

Pioneer project above the fog line

Solar power from the Muttenalp

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Energy market 08.01.2021

Green Deal: Consequences for Switzerland

The EU acquis is developing

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Renewable energy 06.01.2021

Solar energy will boom worldwide

World Energy Outlook of the International Energy Agency

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International business 18.12.2020

The role of gas as the world moves towards a low carbon economy

Market insights: a fuel that fills the gap between fossil and renewables energies

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