Natural gas

In order to optimally meet the demand for natural gas, Axpo offers a wide range of products and services that are tailored to your needs.

Axpo gives you more flexibility

Natural fluctuations in consumption and volatile energy prices present market participants with major challenges. Axpo offers a wide range of products and services tailored to your needs (origination) in order to optimally meet your natural gas requirements. You benefit from Axpo's proven experience in energy trading, risk management and market analysis, as well as its Europe-wide presence.

Your consumption behaviour, your willingness to take risks in terms of price and quantity, and the time you want to spend on the project all influence the choice of procurement model. You benefit from our comprehensive product portfolio, which offers both standard products and tailored energy solutions.

We can offer you the following products:

Standard products

Standard products are suitable for clients or counterparties:

  • such as energy supply companies, large industrial customers or trading houses.
  • who operate a structured gas procurement system and have the relevant expertise.
  • who are active in gas trading.

Axpo's customers and counterparties benefit from Axpo's direct access to the NCG hub, TTF hub and gas pool.

All liquid traded base load gas products (usually up to 3 front years) can be procured back-to-back via Axpo.

For the procurement of wholesale products, Axpo recommends drawing up an appropriate framework agreement.

Full supply

Price hedging over the entire delivery period usually from 1 to 4 years

The tranche full supply model is suitable for the following customers:
  • Smaller to medium-sized industrial companies
  • Customers who need planning security (possible thanks to fixed price)
  • Customers who have limited time resources to deal with the issue of gas procurement (very little effort on the customer side)
Customer risk
  • Gas costs over the entire delivery quantity only dependent on the energy quantity delivered (consumption-adjusted full supply)
Axpo risk 
  • Price risk remains with Axpo (changing wholesale prices).
  • Volume/profile risk in the event of over- or under-stocking remains with Axpo.
  • Compensation energy risks and costs covered by Axpo.
  • Costs for forecast generation covered by Axpo.

Structured full supply

Structured full supply is particularly suitable for customers who like to be close to the market, have the resources to observe the market, and want to profit from market fluctuations.

  • Risk minimisation through the procurement of standard products on the market.
  • Base and peak products with different delivery periods.
  • Hedged quantities can be adjusted before delivery.
  • Difference between purchased forward products and actual purchase (residual quantity) to spot (hourly electricity price).
  • Costs for forecast generation covered by Axpo.
  • Balancing energy costs covered by Axpo.

Tranche full supply

The Tranche full supply model is suitable for customers who:

  • want to achieve a natural gas price close to the market price. The price risk is minimised by several purchase times. 
  • want to profit from positive market fluctuations. The time of purchase is determined by the customer. 
  • want to benefit from Axpo's know-how. Axpo supports its customers with market reports and analyses. 
  • want planning security before delivery. All tranches are purchased before delivery; the energy price is calculated as an average.
Procurement of individual tranches:
  • Tranche price depends on market prices.
  • The number of tranches depends on the amount of energy to be procured.
  • Structuring costs covered by Axpo.
  • Costs for forecast generation covered by Axpo.
  • Balancing energy costs covered by Axpo.

Biogas certificates

Gas supply companies wishing to buy or sell biogas certificates can contact Axpo.

In particular, Axpo has the possibility to import biogas certificates thanks to foreign subsidiaries. If required, these can also be certified with the naturemade Star label.