05.01.2022 | Trainee alumni at Axpo: Thomas Obrist

«The Traineeship has enabled me to strengthen my skills»

Thomas did his Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at ETH Zurich, which sparked his interest in data sciences. After his studies, Thomas started as a Trainee Trading at Axpo. This opportunity in the energy industry gave him a complete overview of energy trading. Following the programme, Thomas was offered a permanent position in the Origination department at Axpo. As Lead Data Science Origination, Thomas works with large amounts of data to develop new trading strategies for the optimization of Origination's portfolio. Thomas works with different portfolio managers and traders from various locations in Europe. In his current position, he has the opportunity to demonstrate his quantitative capabilities, programming knowledge and ideas for the development and improvement of models.

Thomas Obrist

Function: Lead Data Science Origination

Trainee Alumni: Trainee Trading

Background: MSc in Quant Finance an der ETH Zürich

Assignments: Structured Energy, Origination​

What was your motivation to start at Axpo with a traineeship?

I was already very interested in data science during my studies. After graduating, I started at Axpo as a trading trainee and was able to get to know the world of trading. Axpo's international activities and the challenging environment of energy trading motivate me anew every day.

What is the most memorable/valuable experience you made during your traineeship?

As a trainee, I was able to work on global projects that gave me an understanding of different European energy markets. This allowed me to collaborate with different colleagues from Spain to Turkey. My work as a trainee allowed me to make an important contribution to Axpo's future.

How do the skills you learned during the traineeship support you in your tasks today?

During my traineeship, I started building algorithms for Axpo Origination. In my current position, I continue to create portfolio management algorithms and can therefore build on the skills I learned during the trainee programme on a daily basis.

Thomas as a speaker at Axpo's first Engineering Power Conference 2021

Why was the traineeship the ideal career start for you? How did it help you to obtain your current position?

The freedom of the traineeship allowed me to get insights into different departments and thus find out what suits me best. I had the opportunity to discover my strengths – such as quantitative and programming skills – and areas I’d like to improve on.

How has your everyday work changed when you compare your day-to-day during the traineeship and your permanent position now?

It has not changed that much. I'm still constantly working on new projects, new trading strategies to optimise the portfolio, and working with various portfolio managers and traders from different locations in Europe. There is a bit more pressure, but I work more independently.         

How does the trainee community and network you cultivated during your traineeship support you in your work now?

It is always an advantage to know and work with the different departments. During the three rotations of my traineeship, I was able to get to know many people from different teams. These connections are still very valuable today, as I know who to contact for a specific question or problem.

Did Thomas’ experience with his traineeship at Axpo spark your curiosity? You can find more information about it here. We look forward to hopefully meeting you during the recruitment process!

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