Axpo plans another alpine solar plant in Ilanz/Glion

12.09.2023 - Axpo is pushing forward with its solar offensive in Switzerland, which was launched in 2022, and is planning to build an approximately 15-MWp ground-mounted installation in Ilanz/Glion in the canton of Graubünden. According to current planning, the plant is expected to generate around 22 gigawatt hours of sustainable electricity per year, a significant amount of which will be generated in the cold winter months. The project is intended to be a model of how nature, leisure activities and energy production can be combined.

Axpo is planning the construction of an alpine solar plant in the municipality of Ilanz/Glion with an installed capacity of around 15 megawatt peak (MWp) on an area of around 200,000 square metres. “Ovra Solara Camplauns” – as the project is called – is expected to produce around 22 gigawatt hours (GWh) of sustainable electricity per year, which corresponds to the average electricity consumption of over 4,700 households.

“The partnership with the municipality of Ilanz/Glion for the ‘Ovra Solara Camplauns’ project marks another important step in our solar offensive,” explains Oliver Hugi, Head Solar Switzerland at Axpo. “We are delighted about the collaboration and the opportunity to work together for more local, sustainably produced electricity. This cooperation highlights our desire to advance the expansion of renewable energies and reconcile them with the needs of the community.” The president of the municipality, Marcus Beer, also considers the realisation of the project to be a unique opportunity to generate long-term income for the municipality's finances and to contribute to sustainable electricity security in Switzerland.

The population of the Ilanz/Glion municipality was informed about “Ovra Solara Camplauns” at an information event yesterday. They will be able to vote on the project in the next few months. If the result of the vote is positive, Axpo will be able to begin construction of the plant in spring 2025 and partially commission it in late 2025.

Nature, leisure activities and energy production

The plant is not just another important project in the Swiss energy transition, but also sets new standards in combined space usage. A corridor for the ski slope from the Crap Masegn mountain station to Ladir will continue to run through the area on the Alp da Schnaus. Similarly, a hiking and biking route path is also planned in the project area. A sufficient safety distance from the solar panels is guaranteed to ensure that both the ski slope and the hiking and biking route can be used without restrictions.

The land will continue to be usable as pasture even once the plant construction is complete. This design enables nature and leisure activities to coexist with energy production.

Accelerated procedures to boost renewable energies

A significant increase in domestic, environmentally friendly electricity generation is required to ensure the security of energy supply in Switzerland. This is the only way for Switzerland to fill the potential gap of around 50 terawatt hours by 2050. However, the approval processes still create a significant hurdle. In order to generate sufficient renewable energy, the processes must be further simplified and accelerated. Axpo is having constructive discussions with politicians to advocate for suitable framework conditions.

Further information on the Axpo solar offensive as well as the alpine solar projects “Alpin Solar Ybrig”, “Ovra Solara Magriel” and NalpSolar communicated as part of the solar offensive. 

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