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Alpin Solar 23.11.2023

Axpo plans to construct an alpine solar plant in Glarus Süd

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International business 21.11.2023

Axpo invests in Swedish home energy efficiency scale-up Eliq

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International business 20.11.2023

Axpo extends energy supply and market access agreement with Valda Energy

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Hydropower 14.11.2023

Hydrogen energy crucial to a climate-neutral future

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Solar energy 10.11.2023

Axpo is making plans for a second alpine solar plant in Ilanz/Glion

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Company 09.11.2023

Axpo launches ambitious training initiative to combat skills shortage

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Unprecedented energy market distortions shape the financial year

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Energy market 17.11.2023

Abundant supply and subdued demand offset geopolitical risks

European Energy Markets Monthly, November 2023

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Renewable energy 26.10.2023

Modern Axpo power plant produces energy for 14,000 households

Rüchlig power plant – a modern understatement in the centre of Aarau

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Energy market 09.10.2023

Mild weather and renewed nuclear confidence blunt winter risks

European Energy Markets Monthly, Oktober 2023

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