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International business 02.05.2024

Axpo and Ineos Oxide sign corporate PPA in Belgium

Axpo and Ineos Oxide, a leading chemicals manufacturer in Belgium, have signed a corporate power purchase agreement (PPA), it was announced today. The long-term deal covers 12 megawatts of renewable energy, making an important contribution to the green transition in the Antwerp port area.

Solar energy 30.04.2024

Axpo and Disneyland Paris commission Europe’s largest solar parking canopy

Following more than three years’ construction, Disneyland Paris and Axpo have equipped 11,200 parking spaces at the leading entertainment resort with solar panels, it was announced today. The solar parking canopy, currently the largest of its kind in Europe, will generate 36 GWh of green electricity a year. The project is of strategic significance for Axpo in its development of renewable energies.

Renewable energy 26.04.2024

Axpo and Rhiienergie open largest green hydrogen production plant in Switzerland

Axpo and electric utility Rhiienergie opened the first green hydrogen production plant in Switzerland’s Graubünden canton, it was announced today. The facility, the country’s largest, is located next to the Reichenau hydropower plant in Domat/Ems and can produce up to 350 tonnes of green hydrogen a year. The inclusion of hydrogen in the energy mix will play an increasingly important role in ensuring the future security of supply.

International business 09.04.2024

Axpo and ENEGO consider 100 MW green hydrogen production plant in Sicily

Axpo has signed a cooperation agreement with French energy investor ENEGO to study the feasibility of a 100 MW green hydrogen plant in Sicily, it was announced today. The project shall be located in the Priolo-Augusta industrial complex on the island’s east coast. Contributing to the creation of a so-called ‘hydrogen valley’ running between Catania and Siracusa, the new plant would help meet demand for green from industries in the surrounding area. For Axpo, this is a further step in its strategy of playing an active role in the development of the green hydrogen economy in Switzerland and Europe.

Grids 08.04.2024

Axpo acquires specialist software company LINIA

Axpo has acquired the Swiss software company LINIA, it was announced today. Completed on 1 April 2024, the deal marks Axpo’s further expansion into automated electricity grid inspection, giving it a unique full-service offering and access to new markets.

International business 03.04.2024

Axpo enters biomethane market in Portugal

Axpo has launched a biomethane project in Portugal that will use agricultural waste to produce more than 15 gigawatt hours of renewable energy a year. Axpo subsidiary Goldenergy, the country’s only energy provider to exclusively sell green electricity and gas, will purchase the plant’s entire production and inject it into Portugal’s natural gas network. The facility is due to commence operations in late 2025.

Company 28.03.2024

Strengthening security of supply: Axpo is giving a clear Yes to the new electricity law, assessing the potential of operating Beznau for longer, and is prepared to construct a reserve power plant

Switzerland needs more electricity to achieve its climate goals. In order for the expansion of renewable energies to become a reality, we need a clear Yes to the draft of the new electricity law on 9 June. To further strengthen security of supply, Axpo has decided to clarify the technical feasibility of operating the Beznau nuclear power plant beyond 60 years. Axpo has also responded to the federal government’s tender (which ends today) and submitted a project for a reserve power plant for emergencies.

Solar energy 13.03.2024

Axpo discontinues planned alpine solar project in Glarus Süd

Following extensive investigations, Axpo has decided to discontinue its planned solar project in Glarus Süd. The reasons behind this decision are natural hazards, limited environmental compatibility and low energy yield. Axpo and the municipality of Glarus Süd regret this decision. Axpo will continue to invest in sustainable forms of energy and drive its Alpine projects forward.

International business 08.03.2024

Axpo and Jabil extend energy partnership in Hungary

Axpo and Jabil, a leading global electronics manufacturer headquartered in the United States, have renewed their long-term partnership in Hungary with a renewable energy corporate power purchase agreement (cPPA), it was announced today. The seven-year deal covers Jabil’s entire energy consumption in Hungary at two locations, marking an important advance towards the company’s environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) goals.

Renewable energy 07.03.2024

Axpo joins hydrogen transport project in France

Axpo is investing in a hydrogen production and distribution initiative to power the transportation sector in France’s Arve Valley, in Haute-Savoie, it was announced today. The “Arve Hydrogène Mobilité” project (Arv’Hy) will see hydrogen-powered vehicles filling up at an H2 service station from the first quarter of 2025. The project is supported by a number of partners, including Atawey, a pioneer in the development of H2 filling stations, and Jean Lain Mobilités, a major distributor of vehicles in the French Alps, including hydrogen-fuelled cars.

Company 05.03.2024

The electricity industry is in agreement: an electricity agreement with the European Union remains the main priority

The meeting of Switzerland’s largest energy producers and grid operators took place today on the subject of why the country needs an electricity agreement with the EU. Numerous key figures from politics, the electricity sector and the authorities discussed the importance of an electricity agreement for Switzerland. The tenor was clear: an electricity agreement with the EU would ensure greater security of supply, grid stability, legal certainty and opportunities for Switzerland to help shape the future.

Renewable energy 23.02.2024

Axpo and SGV plan hydrogen passenger vessel on Lake Lucerne

Axpo is participating in the H2Uri company in Bürglen, central Switzerland. The regionally produced hydrogen will be used to power a passenger vessel on nearby Lake Lucerne, operated by the Lake Lucerne Navigation Company (SGV) AG, it was announced today. In addition to Axpo and SGV, EWA-energieUri and AVIA Schätzle are also involved in the project.

Company 21.02.2024

Axpo refinances credit lines with EUR 7.0 billion sustainability-linked facility

Axpo Holding AG has agreed an unsecured revolving committed credit facility totalling EUR 7.0 billion with an international syndicate of more than 30 banks. The facility, which includes a sustainability component, refinances two existing committed credit lines of EUR 3.0 billion each from 2022, diversifies the company’s financing structure, and increases its financial flexibility.

International business 20.02.2024

Axpo joins major green hydrogen project in Italy

Axpo is joining a large-scale green hydrogen project in the Abruzzo region of Italy, it was announced today. Using existing industrial facilities in Corfinio, Axpo is partnering with Infinite Green Energy (IGE), which initiated the project, to deliver up to 12 tonnes of hydrogen a day to help decarbonise customers’ operations in so-called ‘hard-to-abate’ industrial and transportation sectors. The project includes a 30MW electrolyser powered by a 45MWp solar plant, making it one of the largest hydrogen plants in Italy.

International business 15.02.2024

Axpo and Borealis sign two new long-term wind PPAs

Axpo and Borealis, a leading global provider of sustainable polyolefins solutions, have joined forces once again to sign their fourth and fifth power purchase agreements (PPAs), it was announced today. The ten-year deals in Sweden and Belgium were signed in 2023, and follow three earlier long-term agreements in 2023, 2022 and 2021.

International business 12.02.2024

Axpo opens its first large-scale battery storage facility in Sweden

The commissioning of Axpo’s first large-scale battery storage facility in Sweden, announced today, marks the latest milestone in the expansion of its battery business. The 20MW/20MWh plant, connected to the electricity grid by local energy company Landskrona Energi, follows several projects in Switzerland and Europe. The new facility was officially inaugurated on 12 February 2024 at a ceremony attended by representatives from politics and business.

Renewable energy 15.12.2023

Axpo battery storage in Poland will aid grid stability

Axpo has been active in the development, construction and commercial optimisation of large-scale battery solutions for several years. Following the expansion of these services to the Swedish market, Axpo is launching a dedicated battery business in Poland. The company plans to support stabilisation of the Polish power grid through storage facilities while also participating in the country’s capacity mechanism and trading on short-term markets.

Solar energy 14.12.2023

Axpo to focus on large-scale solar projects in Italy

Axpo is expanding its solar energy presence in Italy with the development of two new large-scale power plants in the north and south of the country, it was announced today. Leveraging the company’s solar expertise to further exploit its potential in Italy, a strategically important market, is part of the Axpo Group’s continuing commitment to a more sustainable energy supply.

Company 13.12.2023

Samuel Leupold nominated for the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of Axpo Holding AG will propose to the General Meeting on 19 January 2024 that Samuel Leupold be elected as a replacement Board member. The 53-year-old Swiss energy expert would replace Hanspeter Fässler (67), who is stepping down.

International business 08.12.2023

Axpo, Egmont, and Soltech sign PPA for new solar plant in Sweden

The construction of a new solar plant in southern Sweden is the result of a unique collaboration between energy company Axpo, media group Egmont, and solar energy company Soltech Energy Solutions. The solar plant will be constructed by Soltech Energy Solutions and Axpo will manage the project’s long-term risks and the supply of solar power to the grid. The solar energy will then be traded through a power purchase agreement (PPA) and cover half of Egmont’s electricity consumption in Sweden and Norway with renewable electricity.

Renewable energy 07.12.2023

Business growth prompts Axpo office move in Vaasa

Axpo is moving into new offices in the Espen shopping centre in Vaasa this December, it was announced today. The decision to relocate was made as expanding employee numbers exceeded the capacity of Axpo’s current accommodation.

International business 06.12.2023

Axpo and Messer sign PPA for solar power from Südwerk

Axpo and German industrial gas specialist Messer have concluded a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA), it was announced today. From 1 January 2024, Axpo will supply two Messer facilities in Germany with electricity produced by Südwerk solar plants based in Bavaria.

Alpin Solar 23.11.2023

Axpo plans to construct an alpine solar plant in Glarus Süd

Following the full commissioning of Switzerland’s largest alpine solar plant to date in the municipality of Glarus Süd in August 2022, Axpo now plans to build a 10 MWp solar plant in the same region. The plant is intended to provide essential winter electricity and add value to the community. With this sixth alpine solar project, Axpo is consistently driving its solar initiative forward.

International business 21.11.2023

Axpo invests in Swedish home energy efficiency scale-up Eliq

Axpo is investing in Swedish home energy efficiency scale-up Eliq, it was announced today. Taking part in the financing round alongside lead investor Fortum and Inven Capital, this is the first direct start-up investment made through Axpo’s Partnering & Investing initiative. As Switzerland’s largest producer of renewable energy and an international leader in energy trading and the marketing of solar and wind power, the move underlines Axpo’s strategic ambition to drive innovation and support the growth of the group’s businesses. The investment also strengthens the existing strategic partnership between Axpo subsidiary CKW, a leading energy services provider in Central Switzerland, and Eliq.

International business 20.11.2023

Axpo extends energy supply and market access agreement with Valda Energy

Axpo and Valda Energy, a specialist energy supplier to UK small businesses, have announced a three-year extension to their existing Wholesale Energy Agreement.

Hydropower 14.11.2023

Hydrogen energy crucial to a climate-neutral future

Recognising the increasing importance of hydrogen to decarbonisation of the energy supply, Axpo has published a white paper on the role and potential of hydrogen in Switzerland . Axpo uses the latest data to demonstrate the economic viability and potential uses of hydrogen as an energy source. The paper also takes a critical look at the key challenges facing the hydrogen economy in Switzerland.

Solar energy 10.11.2023

Axpo is making plans for a second alpine solar plant in Ilanz/Glion

Following Axpo’s presentation in September 2023 of its plans to build a 15 MWp ground-mounted system in Ilanz/Glion in the canton of Graubünden, the company is now planning to build a second project in the community. This second ground-mounted system is expected to have an installed capacity of around 30 MWp. Axpo aims to generate a total of around 66 gigawatt hours of sustainable electricity in Ilanz/Glion with the two projects, corresponding to the electricity consumption of over 14,000 households.

Company 09.11.2023

Axpo launches ambitious training initiative to combat skills shortage

The rapid expansion of renewable energy is being hampered by the shortage of skilled workers. Axpo is responding with a range of targeted measures that will make the Group one of the largest training enterprises in Switzerland by 2030. New training opportunities in emerging fields, multi-stage programmes for different proficiency levels and a wider variety of apprenticeship pro-grammes are intended to make Axpo and the energy sector more attractive to young professionals.

Renewable energy 11.10.2023

Axpo to develop 25 MW wind farm in Finland

Axpo will build a four-turbine wind farm in Finland with an installed capacity of 25 MW, it was announced today. This latest expansion of the company’s wind power activities in Europe is consistent with Axpo’s continuing strategic investment in the development of renewable energy.

Renewable energy 27.09.2023

Axpo and Sunnic Lighthouse sign second green PPA

A second power purchase agreement (PPA) has been signed between Axpo and Sunnic Lighthouse GmbH, the Germany-based energy trading subsidiary of solar developer ENERPARC AG, it was announced today. From 1 October 2023, Sunnic will supply 38.4 gigawatt hours (GWh) of solar power a year to Axpo. This equates to the annual electricity needs of around 7,500 households and represents a reduction in CO2 emissions of more than 22,000 tonnes a year.

International business 25.09.2023

Axpo and Pilkington Automotive sign long-term PPA for Finnish manufacturing sites

Axpo and Pilkington Automotive Finland Oy, part of the NSG Group, a leading global innovator in glass manufacturing, have signed a long-term wind energy power purchase agreement (PPA), the companies announced today. The partnership is a significant step towards powering NSG Group’s plants in Finland with clean electricity and further demonstrates the commitment of both companies to sustainability.

Renewable energy 21.09.2023

Axpo, Nobian and WIRCON sign long-term solar PPA in Netherlands

Axpo and leading industrial chemicals manufacturer Nobian have signed a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) in the Netherlands, the companies announced today. The PPA will see Axpo provide solar power to Nobian’s operations at Delfzijl from a facility developed by WIRCON, a large and growing international solar energy developer.

Renewable energy 12.09.2023

Axpo plans another alpine solar plant in Ilanz/Glion

Axpo is pushing forward with its solar offensive in Switzerland, which was launched in 2022, and is planning to build an approximately 15-MWp ground-mounted installation in Ilanz/Glion in the canton of Graubünden. According to current planning, the plant is expected to generate around 22 gigawatt hours of sustainable electricity per year, a significant amount of which will be generated in the cold winter months. The project is intended to be a model of how nature, leisure activities and energy production can be combined.

International business 04.09.2023

Axpo and Kolektor sign first financial PPA in Slovenia

Axpo has secured its latest long-term corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) for renewable energy in south-eastern Europe, it was announced today. The ground-breaking deal, the first ever financial corporate PPA in Slovenia, was concluded with the Kolektor group, a global supplier of specialised industrial products, headquartered in Slovenia.

Company 04.09.2023

Axpo announces issue of CHF 300 million bond

On 4 September 2023, Axpo Holding AG successfully placed a bond on the market in the amount of CHF 300 million.

Solar energy 01.09.2023

Axpo joins forces with EWS to build the first alpine solar plant in the canton of Schwyz

Axpo is planning to construct a 9 MWp ground-mounted plant in the canton of Schwyz together with the local energy company EWZ AG. The first alpine plant in the canton will make an important contribution to the winter power supply in the region in the future. Following on from NalpSolar and the solar plant in the Disentis ski resort, the plant in the canton of Schwyz will be the third large-scale solar installation to be implemented by Axpo as part of its solar offensive.

Renewable energy 30.08.2023

Axpo boosts wind power activities in Switzerland and joins Suisse Eole

Axpo is expanding its activities in the area of wind power, with a focused commitment on the development, construction and operation of wind turbines in Switzerland. There is enormous potential in wind energy, particularly as it supplies essential winter electricity in the cold, dark months of the year. At the National Wind Energy Conference, Axpo also joined industry association Suisse Eole.

International business 09.08.2023

Axpo commissions small-scale LNG vessel

Axpo has signed a ten-year deal to charter an LNG bunkering vessel, the company announced today. The ship is expected to begin operations in 2025 and will make an important contribution to the maritime industry’s green energy transition. The project will be implemented in Italy and will see – for the first time in Europe – the deployment of an innovative and sustainable technology for continuous ship-to-truck operations.

Company 30.06.2023

Chief Financial Officer Joris Gröflin to leave Axpo

Axpo CFO and Executive Board member Joris Gröflin, 46, will step down from his roles by the end of January 2024 at the latest, it was announced today. The search for a successor will begin immediately.

Grids 23.06.2023

Swiss solution: Axpo sells minority stake in Axpo Volt Beteiligung AG to the BVK pension fund

Axpo Holding AG (Axpo) has completed the sale of a 49.9% minority stake in its Axpo Volt Beteiligung AG subsidiary, through which Axpo holds 31.37% of Swissgrid. The buyer and new minority shareholder is BVK, the biggest pension fund in Switzerland. Axpo maintains a 50.1% majority stake in Axpo Volt Beteiligung AG, thus retaining full control of its Swissgrid participation in the long term.

Company 12.06.2023

Axpo achieves exceptional half-year results

In the first six months of financial year 2022/23, the Axpo Group successfully implemented its strategy in what continued to be a challenging environment. A solid operational performance led to positive earnings contributions from all areas of the business, with international trading once again delivering excellent results. The anticipated financial benefits of market stabilisation saw a strongly positive impact on results from shifts in earnings. Funds used to hedge electricity production flowed back to the company, the balance sheet total shrank substantially, and net debt was reduced significantly. This resulted in an adjusted EBIT of CHF 2,242 million (previous year: CHF 1,303 million) and profits of CHF 3,214 million (previous year: CHF 513 million). With 14.2 terawatt hours (TWh), Axpo made the largest contribution to Switzerland’s electricity supply during the reporting period, accounting for approximately 40% of the country’s electricity consumption.

Solar energy 06.06.2023

Axpo starts its solar activities in Spain with a 200 MWp plant

Axpo begins construction of the first solar plant in Spain in September 2023. The plant, with an installed capacity of 200 megawatts, is part of Axpo's ambi-tion to develop ten gigawatts of additional capacity by 2030. As Switzerland's largest producer of renewable energies, Axpo is thus making a substantial contribution to the expansion of climate-friendly electricity production in Eu-rope.

International business 23.05.2023

Axpo Deutschland and Siltronic sign fixed-price PPA

Axpo Deutschland and leading silicon wafer manufacturer Siltronic have signed a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA), Axpo announced today. The PPA will see Axpo provide solar power to Siltronic’s operations at Burghausen in Bavaria and Freiberg in Saxony at a fixed price and based on a fixed schedule, which will enable a predictable and reliable power supply.

International business 16.05.2023

Axpo receives top prize for best power dealer

Axpo has been voted number one ‘Overall Power Dealer’ by market players and customers in the 2023 Energy Risk Commodity Rankings. The prestigious award is both an acknowledgement and endorsement of Axpo’s position as a leading global power trader. Axpo was also ranked second for best overall energy dealer and natural gas dealer, and rated one of the top dealers in several European markets, including Italy, Germany, the UK, France, Northern Europe and Belgium.

International business 15.05.2023

Axpo to develop one of Sweden's largest battery storage facilities

Axpo will develop one of the largest battery storage facilities in Sweden, it was announced today. Acquired from project developer SENS (Sustainable Energy Solutions Sweden). The facility in Filipstad is designed to provide ancillary services to help balance the electricity grid. Construction is expected to start in early 2024.

Solar energy 05.05.2023

Axpo to build 10-MW solar plant in Disentis ski area

Axpo is planning its next alpine solar plant in the Disentis ski area in the Canton of Grisons. With an installed capacity of 10 MW, the ground-mounted plant will produce electricity right where it is needed: The mountain railway to the ski area will be driven with sustainable solar power. With the project, Axpo is moving forward with the solar offensive that was launched in the fall of 2022 and making an important contribution to the development of urgently needed winter power capacities.

International business 13.04.2023

Axpo and Borealis sign their second long-term PPA within six months

Axpo and Borealis, one of the world’s leading providers of advanced and sustainable polyolefins solutions and a European front-runner in polyolefins recycling, have signed a second power purchase agreement (PPA) within six months.

International business 12.04.2023

Axpo Polska provides route to market for CPPA between Nestlé Polska and GoldenPeaks Capital

Axpo Polska has created a unique balancing service agreement for a CPPA between Nestlé Polska and GoldenPeaks Capital. Under the corporate power purchase agreement, photovoltaic farm operator GoldenPeaks Capital supplies around 44 GWh a year of green energy to seven Nestlé factories in Poland, helping the manufacturer achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

International business 04.04.2023

Renewable Energy Industry: Axpo Bulgaria’s CEO Designated Business Woman of the Year

The Managing Director of Axpo Bulgaria, Milena Videnova, has been named the winner of the 2023 business woman of the year in the category of "Renewable Energy Industry". The prestigious prize is awarded by the European CEO magazine and the winner is selected among C-suites executives from all 27 EU countries.

Company 28.03.2023

General Meeting of Axpo Holding AG: shareholders approve all motions and confirm confidence in Axpo management

At the 22nd ordinary General Meeting of Axpo Holding AG on 27 March 2023, shareholders approved all motions. They formally acknowledged the management audit report, which they had commissioned and which returned positive results, and expressed their confidence in the Board of Directors and management. Katja Pluto was elected to the Board of Directors to replace Dorothée Deuring. The members of the Board of Directors standing for re-election were confirmed in office for 2023 to 2025. There was no dividend payment.

Renewable energy 20.03.2023

Axpo launches wind power activities in Finland

Axpo will develop, build and operate wind farms in Finland, it was announced today. Working from newly opened offices in Vaasa, Axpo’s renewables team will work closely with their origination colleagues in Helsinki.

International business 10.03.2023

Axpo to build battery storage in Sweden

In the latest expansion of its battery storage capacity, Axpo will build a 20MW/20MWh facility in Sweden to deliver services to the grid in 2024, it was announced today. Axpo acquired the project from developers RES, a global renewable energy company, and Scandinavian Capacity Reserve (SCR). The lithium-ion based facility will be built in Landskrona and connected to the grid by local energy company Landskrona Energi.

International business 27.01.2023

Axpo sells its 5% stake in TAP to Fluxys and Enagás

Axpo has agreed the sale of its 5% stake in the Trans Adriatic Pipeline AG (TAP) to TAP shareholders Fluxys and Enagás S.A, it was announced today. Under the sale and purchase agreement, Belgium’s Fluxys will acquire 1% and Spain’s Enagás 4% of Axpo’s 5% equity stake. Both companies will thus reach 20% ownership of TAP, which includes UK shareholder bp (20%), Azerbaijan’s SOCAR (20%), and Italy’s Snam (20%).

Renewable energy 24.01.2023

Reichenau hydropower plant to produce hydrogen

Axpo and Rhiienergie are building a hydrogen production facility at the Reichenau hydropower plant in Domat/Ems. The plant is scheduled to go into operation in the fall of 2023 and will produce about 350 tonnes of green hydrogen annually. With the project, Axpo and Rhiienergie are making an important contribution to decarbonisation in Switzerland.

Company 19.12.2022

Axpo launches its first Negotiable European Commercial Paper programme of EUR 500 million

Axpo has further strengthened and diversified its financing sources by launching the company’s first Negotiable European Commercial Paper (NEU CP) programme, amounting to EUR 500 million, through its subsidiary Axpo International SA.

Company 15.12.2022

Assisting with security of supply over winter: Axpo provides services for the Birr reserve power plant

Axpo is supporting the possible use of the Swiss federal government's temporary reserve power plant in Birr by providing services relating to fuel procurement, processing power plant requests and ensuring electricity delivery. In doing so, Axpo is making a further important contribution to security of supply in Switzerland during the critical winter months.

Company 08.12.2022

A year marked by unprecedented turmoil on energy markets

Fiscal year 2021/22 was marked by unprecedented turmoil, which is reflected in Axpo Group’s results. Thanks to its strategy of diversification across fields of business and geographical markets and its focus on liquidity management, Axpo was able to weather this ‘perfect storm’. It remained fully self-financing and did not need to draw down on the credit line it had requested from the federal government as a precautionary measure. Axpo’s medium-term outlook is still positive and has in fact been improved by rising electricity prices.

Company 06.12.2022

Experts confirm Axpos effective risk management

The last 12 months have been dominated by a European energy crisis of historic proportions which has presented major challenges for the population, business and the energy sector. The Axpo Board of Directors commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to conduct an assessment that would allow external evaluation of its risk management as a whole, and in particular the processes that led to its precautionary application to the federal government for a credit facility. The PwC experts came to the conclusion that Axpo handled market risks appropriately and in accordance with industry standards over the last year, that the high requirement for liquidity in the wake of record prices was primarily a consequence of hedging Switzerland’s electricity supply, and that this was greatly reduced by the international customer and trading business.

Solar energy 22.11.2022

Axpo expanding solar ambitions six-fold in Switzerland and building the next alpine solar plant

Axpo is significantly expanding its solar ambitions in Switzerland. By the year 2030, the company intends to develop solar capacities of over 1.2 gigawatts in the Alps and residential areas. The plants will produce enough electricity to cover the annual consumption of over 300,000 Swiss households. Upon completion of the plant at the Muttsee dam, planning of the next alpine solar facility is already underway. The solar offensive will make a valuable contribution to sustainable, reliable power supply, particularly during the winter months. One important reason for expanding ambitions is the temporary simplification of the political framework conditions for alpine installations.

Solar energy 15.11.2022

Europe's first solar installation in satellite dish

Axpo subsidiary CKW and Leuk TDC are breaking new ground in photovoltaics with satellite dishes converted into solar systems. At 1,000 metres above sea level, Leuk TDC is largely self-sufficient thanks to the satellite dishes and addi-tional solar panels on the roof of its data centre. Such innovative large-scale solar projects are an important step towards the transformation of Switzer-land's energy supply.

Grids 14.11.2022

Voltage increase improves power supply between Bülach and Schaffhausen

To increase the security of supply, Axpo has converted the operating voltage of the power lines from 50 to 110 kilovolts (kV) in the region west of Schaffhausen and the neighbouring areas in the canton of Zurich. The work, which was successfully completed this autumn, will increase the performance and reliability of the electricity supply in the entire region.

Renewable energy 07.11.2022

Axpo spins off ‘emost’ battery solution

Following four years of technology development, Axpo is selling its battery storage solution emost (‘electric mobile storage’). Winner of the prestigious IDEE SUISSE prize for innovation, emost delivers flexible and environmentally friendly power supply on construction sites, at events, in emergencies or as a replacement for diesel generators. The Axpo spin-off has been transferred to a new group of investors, led by former Axpo employees, for the commercialisation phase at the end of October 2022.

Company 24.10.2022

Axpo increases unsecured committed syndicated credit lines with banks to EUR 6.0 billion

Axpo has increased an existing unsecured, committed credit line with an international bank consortium from EUR 2.3 billion to EUR 3.0 billion. This brings Axpo's total unsecured, committed, syndicated credit lines with banks to EUR 6.0 billion.

International business 12.10.2022

Borealis and Axpo Nordic sign wind PPA to supply Borealis operations in Sweden with renewable electricity

Borealis, one of the world’s leading providers of advanced and sustainable polyolefin solutions and a European front-runner in polyolefins recycling has reached an important milestone on its way to increase the share of renewable energy used in its Swedish operations with the signing of a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Axpo Nordic, it was announced today.

International business 11.10.2022

Axpo sells La Peñuca wind farm in Spain to Cubico

Axpo has agreed the sale of its 46% share in the 33 MW La Peñuca wind farm in Spain to Cubico Sustainable Investments (Cubico), one of the world’s largest privately-owned renewable energy companies, it was announced today.

Company 30.09.2022

Axpo welcomes Swiss parliaments decisions to strengthen security of supply

In the autumn session, the National Council and the Council of States took important steps to strengthen the security of supply. In the medium term, the expansion of renewables in Switzerland will be accelerated, and in the short term, possible liquidity bottlenecks caused by the unprecedented distortions on the energy markets will be cushioned in an emergency. For producers and investors such as Axpo, this commitment by parliament is important because it creates greater legal certainty. Axpo is closely examining various projects. Time is pressing, as Switzerland will be short of around 50 terawatt hours of electricity by 2050.

Renewable energy 16.09.2022

Axpo completes sale of 65.5 MW wind farm portfolio in France to Greencoat Renewables

Axpo has successfully completed the sale of four wind farms in France to Greencoat Renewables plc (“Greencoat Renewables”), the listed investor in renewable energy projects advised by Greencoat Capital, announced earlier this year. The transaction price was a high double-digit million Euro amount.

Renewable energy 12.09.2022

Axpo Group strengthens its wind and solar business

Expanding renewable energies domestically and abroad is an important pillar of the Axpo strategy. After ten years of development, Axpo is integrating the wind and solar business into two in-house divisions to support the ambition of continuing to make a substantial contribution to the expansion of climate-friendly power production. Katja Stommel, CEO of the Axpo subsidiary Volkswind, will become the Head of the new Wind division. Antoine Millioud will take over as the Head of the Solar division. He has also been appointed the CEO of Axpo's subsidiary Urbasolar.

Alpin Solar 01.09.2022

Switzerlands largest alpine solar plant now in full operation

AlpinSolar, the largest alpine solar plant in Switzerland, is now fully operational. During the winter months, the plant, 2,500 metres above sea level, will produce about three times more power than a comparable facility in the Swiss midlands, benefitting from reflections off the snow and its location above the fog. AlpinSolar will make an important contribution to the energy transition and supply solar power to counteract the winter power gap. The pioneering plant was realised through a cooperation between Axpo, IWB and Denner.

Nuclear energy 23.08.2022

Beznau nuclear power plant: Unit 2 back on the grid after refueling

Following successful refueling, Axpo brought Unit 2 of the Beznau nuclear power plant (KKB) back online during the course of yesterday. With the new loading of the reactor core, KKB 2 is starting the next operating cycle and will once again produce electricity around the clock for more than 600,000 four-person households.

Wind power 28.07.2022

Axpo sells Bisaccia wind farm to Edison

Axpo has agreed the sale of its 66 MW wind farm in Bisaccia/Italy to Edison S.p.A., one of the country’s leading utilities, it was announced today. The sale is consistent with Axpo's strategy of focussing on new growth initiatives.

Hydropower 05.07.2022

Axpo to supply Swiss Steel Group with Swiss hydropower electricity

Axpo, the largest hydropower plant operator in Switzerland and leading pan-European marketer of electricity from renewable energies, has concluded a three-year power supply contract with Steeltec, the Swiss Steel Group’s plant in Switzerland, it was announced today. Steeltec will now rely on electricity from Swiss hydropower to produce its specialist steels. The deal further highlights the role of Axpo’s innovative energy solutions in the decarbonisation of Swiss industry.

Company 29.06.2022

Axpo sells minority share in Repower

Axpo today announced the disposal with immediate effect of its 12.69% share in Repower AG to current anchor shareholders EKZ, UBS Clean Energy Infrastructure Switzerland and the Canton Grisons. The sale is consistent with Axpo's strategy of focussing on renewable energy growth initiatives in Switzerland and abroad.

Renewable energy 28.06.2022

Axpo to develop wind farms with 250 MW capacity in Romania

In the latest expansion of its wind energy activities, Axpo announced today that two wind farms with a combined total of 38 turbines are in the planning stage in Romania. Overall, the development pipeline of Axpo includes wind farms with an installed capacity of 3.5 GW. Axpo continues to make a substantial contribution to the expansion of climate-friendly power production across Europe and in Switzerland, where it is the largest producer of renewable energies.

Hydropower 24.06.2022

Hydrogen production facility at the Wildegg-Brugg hydropower plant forging ahead

Axpo is planning a hydrogen production facility at the Wildegg-Brugg hydropower plant, which is expected to produce green hydrogen from domestic hydropower by the spring of 2024. Some of this climate-friendly hydrogen will be delivered directly to the nearby Voegtlin-Meyer filling station via a pipeline, and contribute to decarbonisation in the mobility sector. The building permit application for the project was submitted today.

Company 13.06.2022

Axpo defies energy market turmoil to post good half-year results

Axpo has proven to be robust against a backdrop of unprecedented turmoil on energy markets. In the first half of fiscal 2021/22, the company posted adjusted EBIT of CHF 1,094 million (prior year: CHF 515 million) and a result for the period of CHF 513 million (prior year: CHF 781 million). The extremely sharp rise in energy prices placed was also challenging from a liquidity management perspective. Collateral payments for hedging Swiss electricity production have temporarily tied up a large amount of cash, but Axpo was able to cover this shortfall thanks to forward-looking liquidity management and good access to the capital market. Axpo’s continued expansion in renewables and status as leader in marketing electricity production capacity and in energy trading make it a significant contributor to decarbonisation and energy supply security.

Renewable energy 24.05.2022

Axpo sells 65.5 MW wind farm portfolio in France to Greencoat Renewables

Axpo has agreed the sale of four wind farms in France to Greencoat Renewables plc (“Greencoat Renewables”), the listed investor in renewable energy projects advised by Greencoat Capital, it was announced today. With this transaction, Axpo and its subsidiary Volkswind continue to deliver strong revenues from their extensive wind farm portfolio and development pipeline in France.

Company 11.05.2022

Axpo issues EUR 600 million sustainability-linked Schuldschein loan

Axpo has successfully issued its first sustainability-linked Schuldschein loan in the amount of EUR 600 million. The transaction - initially launched at EUR 150 million - was significantly oversubscribed due to strong demand from interna-tional banks.

International business 05.05.2022

Axpo signs PPAs with Mirova and Uriel for two new wind farms in Poland

Axpo has further strengthened its position in the Polish energy market by signings two power purchase agreements (PPAs) for new wind farm projects with Mirova Eolska and Uriel Renovables, it was announced today. The installations, currently under construction in Western Pomerania and Pomeranian Voivodeship, will have a combined installed capacity of around 165 MW.

Company 04.05.2022

‘Yes’ to internationally coordinated safety net, ‘no’ to disproportionate and arbitrary ‘rescue umbrella’

The Federal Council wants to place the electricity sector under a so-called ‘rescue umbrella’. The aim is to protect against systemic risks to the security of electricity supply caused by the current situation in Europe. While the goal is sensible, Axpo rejects the legislative proposal as disproportionate, arbitrary and likely unconstitutional. Instead of this contractual obligation, Axpo advocates a streamlined solution accessible to all companies.

Nuclear energy 29.04.2022

KKB starts annual inspection in Unit 1

Unit 1 of the Beznau nuclear power plant (KKB) will be taken off the grid today for about 8 weeks as planned. The plant is thus starting its maintenance shutdown after a trouble-free 340-day operating cycle.

Renewable energy 28.04.2022

Axpo launches investment programme for renewables in Switzerland

As Switzerland’s largest producer of renewable energies, Axpo plays a vital role the Swiss energy transition. As announced today, Axpo intends to increase its contribution in this area, and, with its subsidiary CKW, realise power plant projects in the range of CHF 1 billion by the year 2030. With this undertaking, the company will support domestic power production and promote the development of valuable winter power. However, much more would be possible with the right framework conditions.

Renewable energy 25.04.2022

Axpo powers up first stage of Disneyland Paris solar park

Axpo is currently constructing a solar canopy at Disneyland Paris through its subsidiary Urbasolar as a co-investor in the project. The first stage began operating today and will generate 10 GWh of electricity a year. When fully operational in 2023, the facility will be one of the largest solar parks in Europe, generating 36 GWh of electricity annually.

Renewable energy 11.04.2022

Solar PPA with ENERPARC: Axpo Deutschland to market electricity from PV plant in Büttel

Axpo has signed a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with Hamburg-based solar specialist ENERPARC AG as the company continues to expand its solar PPA business in Germany, it was announced today. Under the ten-year agreement, Axpo will buy and market power from a new solar park in Büttel, Schleswig-Holstein, from 2023. The solar park has an on-site battery and provides base load energy.

International business 08.04.2022

Axpo Nordic and Low Carbon sign balancing PPA for Mörknässkogen wind farm

Axpo is further strengthening its business with long-term power purchase agreements (PPA) in Finland: The company’s subsidiary for the Nordic energy markets has entered a route-to-market and balancing PPA for the Mörknässkogen wind farm currently under construction by Low Carbon, a privately-owned UK investment and asset management company.

Renewable energy 30.03.2022

Axpo Italia signs two long-term PPAs with Canadian Solar

Two long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) for renewable energies have been signed by Axpo Italia, it was announced today, as the company continues its drive to take a leading position in PPAs on the Italian energy market. The ten-year deal with project developer Canadian Solar will see Axpo market green electricity from two solar plants currently under construction in Latium, on the Italian mainland, and Sicily.

International business 21.02.2022

Axpo Deutschland signs PPA with Obton A/S for Klatzow solar park

Axpo has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Danish company Obton A/S, a leading solar energy investor in Europe, for the Klatzow solar park currently under construction in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. The ten-year contract demonstrates the important role of PPAs in the expansion of renewable energies in Germany.

Solar energy 17.02.2022

Solar growth in Spain, Italy and Poland

Axpo is continuing to expand its solar energy activities with the development of new plants in Spain, Italy and Poland totalling 4 GW of installed capacity. Solar power plants with 10 GW capacity will be built by 2030. As the largest producer of renewable energy in Switzerland, Axpo is making a substantial contribution to the growth of climate-friendly power production in Switzerland and Europe.

Renewable energy 17.02.2022

Axpo approves the federal government's plans to hedge against power shortages

Axpo welcomes in principle today’s Federal Council proposals for a hydropower reserve and reserve power plants. These measures support the goal of strengthening security of supply in Switzerland. But legal amendments are necessary so that Switzerland can successfully achieve the energy transition and guarantee long-term electricity security of supply.

International business 15.02.2022

Axpo Polska signs 9 year off take agreement for GIGs Scieki wind farm

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) between Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG) and Air Products has been facilitated by Axpo Polska through a nine-year route-to-market and balancing services agreement for the Ścieki wind farm. Thus, Axpo further strengthened its position in the Polish energy market.

Hydropower 09.02.2022

Axpo signs PPA with Nestlé Switzerland for Mauvoisin hydropower plant

Axpo, Switzerland’s largest producer of renewable energies and Europe's leading provider of power purchase agreements (PPAs), and Nestlé Switzerland are team-ing up in their Swiss home market. For a period of 5 years, Axpo will supply Nestlé in Switzerland with green electricity from its Mauvoisin hydropower plant in the canton of Valais. Thereby, Axpo demonstrates its ability to play a key role in im-plementing complex physical PPA structures for industrial companies in the Swiss market.

Hydropower 07.02.2022

Axpo puts hydropower plant into operation deep in the Grisons mountains

The 2.5-megawatt Curnera hydropower plant of Kraftwerke Vorderrhein AG (KVR) is located 250 metres inside the mountains and utilises the height difference of an existing water transfer system. The power plant produces clean electricity for the equivalent of 2,200 average four-person households.

Company 07.02.2022

Axpo secures EUR 2.5 billion revolving credit facility linked to sustainability targets

Axpo Holding AG has signed a EUR 2.5 billion unsecured revolving credit facility (RCF) with a global syndicate of 22 banks, it was announced today. The sustainabil-ity-linked facility will enable Axpo to refinance the existing CHF 550 million commit-ted credit line from 2020, diversify its financing structure, and enhance its financial flexibility.

Company 04.02.2022

Axpo rebrands for a new energy future

Axpo today revealed a new look and feel for its brand identity, designed to express its strategic focus as a major national and international energy player in an indus-try undergoing fundamental change. For Axpo, Switzerland’s largest producer of renewable energy, an international energy trader and leader in the marketing of solar and wind power, the refreshed brand identity also reflects a readiness for tomorrow’s challenges.

Wind power 03.02.2022

Axpo signs wind farm PPA with Umicore in Belgium

Axpo has further strengthened its position as a leading marketer of renewable energies in Belgium: The company’s subsidiary for the Belgian market has signed an agreement for the supply of the power generated by a wind farm to Umicore, a global materials technology and recycling group. The power purchase agreement (PPA) will help cover part of the electricity demand from Umicore’s Belgian sites and help the company achieve its objective to be carbon neutral by 2035.

Renewable energy 01.02.2022

Axpo Iberia: Biomethane from livestock manure

Pioneering work in Catalonia: Axpo's Spanish subsidiary and the family-owned Torre Santamaría dairy cattle farm have inaugurated the first biogas plant in Spain to convert all the organic waste from a livestock operation into 100% renewable biogas and electricity. Under a long-term contract, Axpo Iberia will feed the produced bio-methane into the local gas grid. The cooperation between Axpo and the dairy business is a model for other facilities wishing to convert solid and liquid manure into energy, and contribute to reducing the environmental impact of the livestock sector.

Wind power 31.01.2022

Axpo supplies Nestlé with electricity from German wind farms

Axpo saw in the new year by reinforcing its role as a leading provider of long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) for renewable energies in Europe. Since 1 January 2022, the company’s German subsidiary has been supplying Nestlé Germany with electricity from wind power plants. This ensures that non-subsidised wind farms stay on grid and the world’s largest food group can produce its food and beverage products in Germany in a climate-friendly way.

International business 19.01.2022

Axpo signs a PPA with R.Power Group for nearly 300 MWp of solar power in Poland

Axpo has signed a solar power purchase agreement (PPA) in Poland marking another major milestone for the company in Eastern Europe. The agreement will see Axpo’s Warsaw-headquartered subsidiary off-take the electricity produced by solar plants owned by R.Power Group, one of the fastest-growing solar energy developers in Europe.

International business 23.12.2021

Axpo appoints Sandro Giannotti to Head of Gas Trading

Axpo has appointed Sandro Giannotti as the company’s Head of Gas Trading, it was announced today. He will take up his new role on the 1st of January 2022, moving from his current position as Axpo’s Head Gas Trading Eastern Europe & Long Term Gas Supply.

Company 09.12.2021

Axpo well-positioned for future growth as company reports good results

• Positive earnings contributions from all business areas • Excellent result in international customer business and marketing of power plant capacity • Operating result of CHF 500 million was below previous year (CHF 826 million) , as expected • Free cash flow of CHF 562 million higher than in previous year (CHF 319 million) • Result for the period higher than in previous year (CHF 607 million vs. CHF 570 million) • Dividend of CHF 80 million proposed The Axpo Group (Axpo) posted adjusted earnings before interest and tax of CHF 500 million for the 2020/21 financial year (1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021), with all business areas (Generation & Distribution, Trading & Sales and CKW) making a positive contribution.

Wind power 26.11.2021

Axpo signs long-term PPA for three wind farms in Lithuania

Axpo expands its business activities in the field of long-term power purchase agreements (PPAs) for renewable energies to the Baltic countries by signing its first ever PPA in Lithuania. Under the agreement with the Taaleri SolarWind II fund, Axpo Nordic will hedge parts of the electricity gener-ated by the Anykščiai, Rokiškis, and Jonava wind farms currently under construction. The transac-tion supports the roll-out of wind energy in Lithuania and marks a major milestone for Axpo Nor-dic’s expansion plans in the Baltic region.

Hydropower 25.11.2021

Wägital power plant: first partner plant celebrates 100th anniversary

The City of Zurich and Nordostschweizerische Kraftwerke AG (today Axpo) jointly established AG Kraftwerke Wägital in the canton of Schwyz 100 years ago. It was Switzerland’s first example of a power plant established as a partnership with multiple owners. The plant continues to produce climate-friendly electricity for thousands of households today.

Renewable energy 15.11.2021

Axpo plans new green hydrogen production plant in Swiss town of Brugg

Plans to build another green hydrogen facility close to its run-of-river power plant in Brugg, Switzerland were announced by Axpo today, marking the latest development in the company’s rapid expansion of its green hydrogen business. A memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed with local partners, confirming Axpo’s intention to deliver climate-friendly hydrogen to filling stations in the region. The project will make an important contribution to decarbonisation in the Swiss mobility sector.

Renewable energy 02.11.2021

Axpo signs wind and solar balancing services contract with SNCF Energie in France

A new contract with a subsidiary of the state-owned passenger and freight transport operator SNCF Voyageurs has further expanded Axpo’s marketing of renewable energies in France. Axpo will be responsible for balancing a target of 60 MW until the end of 2023 on behalf of SNCF Energie, which had entered into a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with the owners of wind farms and solar plants in France. The contract is a major milestone for Axpo as it seeks to become a significant player in the French PPA market.

Renewable energy 01.11.2021

Axpo invests in Swiss Green Gas International

Axpo has acquired a twenty-five per cent share in Swiss Green Gas International (SGGI). SGGI develops power-to-X (P2X) facilities in Northern Europe for the generation of hydrogen and synthetic methane (green gas) from renewable electricity. A milestone in the promising field of hydrogen and green gas, the transaction is in line with Axpo’s sustainability and innovation strategy and marks an important step towards the energy transition and decarbonisation of the gas supply industry.

International business 21.10.2021

Axpo US executes PPA with Cypress Creek on 270MW Texas solar project

Axpo U.S. LLC has executed a commodity hedge, in the form of a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Cypress Creek Renewables, a leading solar and energy company, for a new project (Shakes Solar) being constructed in Dimmit County, Texas.

Solar energy 08.10.2021

Switzerland's largest alpine solar plant produces its first electricity

The pioneering AlpinSolar project marked a major milestone today with generation of the first electricity from the solar plant, situated 2,500 metres above sea level on the Muttsee dam. Senior representatives of Axpo, IWB and Denner were joined by Energy Minister Simonetta Sommaruga at an event to celebrate the occasion. The need for more such plants to power a successful energy transition in Switzerland, and the considerable challenges they still face, were highlighted during a later panel discussion.

International business 15.09.2021

Axpo UK signs long-term PPA for new Slough Multifuel energy-from-waste facility in England

Axpo continues to expand its presence in the UK energy market: Its subsidiary Axpo UK Ltd. and Slough Multifuel Ltd., co-owned by SSE Thermal and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners, have signed a new power purchase agreement (PPA), it was announced today. Axpo UK will purchase 100% of the power exported by a new 50 MW energy-from-waste plant which is currently under construction at the Slough Trading Estate in Berkshire, England.

Nuclear energy 13.09.2021

KKB: Unit 2 back on the grid after maintenance work

Beznau nuclear power plant (KKB) has completed the overhaul of unit 2 and, following approval by the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI), brought the plant back online over the weekend.

Hydropower 09.09.2021

Limmern PSP awarded for recultivation

During the construction of the Limmern pumped storage plant (canton of Glarus), Axpo was responsible for one of Switzerland’s largest building sites, between Tierfehd and Muttenalp. But today there is barely a trace of it to be seen. It’s all thanks to a specialist recultivation project conducted over a number of years, which has now been recognised by the Swiss Association for Engineering Biology.

Wind power 08.09.2021

Axpo signs wind farm PPA with Borealis in Belgium

Axpo is further expanding its long-term power purchase agreements (PPA) business for renewable energies in Belgium with the signing of a nine-year PPA with Borealis, one of the world’s leading providers of advanced and circular polyolefin solutions and a European market leader in base chemicals, fertilizers and the mechanical recycling of plastics. Under the agreement announced today, Axpo will supply Borealis with green electricity generated by two Belgian wind farms.

Wind power 24.08.2021

Axpo signs landmark PPA for Europe’s largest operational onshore wind farm in Romania

Axpo’s leading position in the Eastern European energy services market has been reinforced by the signing of a long-term power purchase agreement (PPA) with CEZ’s Fântânele-Cogealac-Gradina wind farm, part of Macquarie Asset Management’s energy portfolio in Romania.

International business 29.07.2021

Axpo Iberia and Azora Capital sign PPA for a wind farm in Cuenca

Axpo Iberia has signed a 10-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Azora Capital for the sale of electricity from a wind farm under construction in the Spanish province of Cuenca, it was announced today. Axpo Iberia will also provide Azora Capital with representation services for the plant during the entire term of the PPA coverage.

International business 28.07.2021

Axpo Iberia and Aquila Capital sign PPAs for 25 MW solar portfolio in Portugal

Axpo Iberia has signed a series of power purchase agreements (PPAs) with Aquila Capital, an international investment company focusing on renewable energies, it was announced today. In a major milestone for the Axpo subsidiary’s PPA business, Aquila Capital will supply it with 100% renewable energy generated in four solar plants in Portugal.

Renewable energy 07.07.2021

Axpo sells French wind farms to special investment fund of Encavis Asset Management AG

Axpo has concluded the sale of five newly built wind farms in France to a special institutional investment fund managed by Encavis Asset Management AG, it was announced today. With a total installed capacity of 74.51 MW, the plants are part of Axpo subsidiary Volkswind’s extensive portfolio. Their sale is consistent with Axpo’s strategy of generating additional revenues from the wind energy sector. Both parties have agreed not to disclose details regarding the sale price.

International business 01.07.2021

Axpo UK extends energy supply and market access agreement with Valda Energy

Axpo’s subsidiary for Great Britain and Ireland and Valda Energy, an energy supplier to the UK SME business market, have announced a two-year extension to their existing Wholesales Energy Agreement. The two businesses first partnered in 2019, signing a three-year power deal, and the extension now takes the partnership forward to 2024. Thus, Axpo UK further consolidates its position in the British energy market.

Company 18.06.2021

Expansion of renewables too slow, electricity from hydropower endangered

Today the Swiss Federal Council approved the dispatch to the Federal Assembly of a new draft act for the security of electricity supply through renewable energies. Axpo welcomes its direction of travel, but not the pace or measures it proposes. Axpo is convinced that an auctioned floating market premium, based on a successful international model, would advance the expansion of renewable energies faster and more efficiently than the planned investment contributions. In addition, it is incomprehensible that existing large-scale hydropower plants will no longer be supported. This will endanger the very foundation of Switzerland’s power supply.

Solar energy 17.06.2021

Axpo UK and Voltalia sign a 10-year fixed price PPA for a solar park in England

Axpo is further strengthening its position in the UK energy market: Its subsidiary Axpo UK Ltd and French solar developer Voltalia have signed a new ten-year, fixed price power purchase agreement (PPA), it was announced today. Thereby, Axpo UK will purchase 100% of the electricity, Renewables Obligation Certificates (ROCs) and Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) from Voltalia’s 7.2 MW Tonge solar park near Sittingbourne, in Kent, England.

Nuclear energy 16.06.2021

High earthquake protection of Beznau NPP confirmed

The Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate ENSI has published its report on the assembly deviation on two of six emergency diesel generators at the Beznau nuclear power plant (KKB). ENSI concludes that KKB was safe and protected against earthquakes despite the assembly deviation.

Company 11.06.2021

Axpo posts higher operating result

The Axpo Group achieved a good result in the first half of the 2020/21 financial year (1 October 2020 until 31 March 2021). Before special effects, operating profit (adjusted EBIT) increased by 4 per cent over the previous year to CHF 515 million.

International business 09.06.2021

Axpo and ABB to develop green hydrogen pilot project in Italy

Axpo and ABB are joining forces to explore a series of synergies for the development of green hydrogen in Italy. In a letter of intent (LOI), the two companies commit to combining their innovative, technological and visionary skills for several projects and initiatives related to green hydrogen in various industrial sectors.

Solar energy 07.06.2021

Axpo signs Sweden’s first market-based solar PPA with Sparbanken Skåne solar park

Axpo has signed a 10-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with the Sparbanken Skåne solar park, underlining its leading role as a provider of renewable energy PPAs in Sweden. Working with one of Sweden’s largest solar developers, Svea Solar, Axpo is now breaking ground with the country’s first market-based solar PPA, proving the case for commercial solar build-out.

Renewable energy 03.06.2021

Axpo Iberia powers Europe's first carbon-free ferry crossing

Axpo Iberia and the Spanish ferry operator Baleària today reached an important milestone for zero-emission maritime shipping. For the first time in Europe, a high-speed ferry has made a test crossing using only fuel from 100% renewable sources. The ferry ‘Eleanor Roosevelt’, flagship of the Baleària fleet, is equipped with natural gas hybrid engines and completed the route of 133 nautical miles between Barcelona and Ciutadella (Menorca) using renewable biomethane certified by Axpo Iberia.

Solar energy 01.06.2021

AlpinSolar: construction starts on the largest alpine solar plant in Switzerland

Over the next four months, Axpo and IWB will build the largest alpine solar plant in Switzerland at the Muttsee dam. Following construction approval from the local municipality of Glarus Süd, the first components were transported to the dam yesterday. AlpinSolar will generate 3.3 million kilowatt hours of electricity annually, half of which in winter. Supermarket chain Denner has concluded a power purchase agreement for the electricity it produces over a period of 20 years.

Nuclear energy 25.05.2021

KKB 1: Back on the grid after refueling

Following successful refueling, Axpo brought Unit 1 of the Beznau nuclear power plant (KKB) back online during the course of Monday. With the new loading of the reactor core, KKB 1 will start the next operating cycle and will again produce electricity around the clock for more than 600,000 four-person households.

International business 25.05.2021

Axpo Iberia and Grupo Enhol sign a 5-year PPA for new wind farm in Navarra

Axpo Iberia further expanded its long-term power purchase agreements (PPA) business for renewable energy in Spain with the signing of a five-year PPA with Grupo Enhol, it was announced today. The PPA covers electricity generated by a new 50-MW wind farm in the municipality of Buñuel (Ribera de Navarra), which commenced construction this week and is planned to start operating in July 2022.

Renewable energy 18.05.2021

Axpo Iberia signs solar PPA with Berry Global

One of the world's leading suppliers of plastic packaging will soon be powering its plants in Spain with climate-friendly solar electricity under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Axpo Iberia. The U.S. company Berry Global will be supplied with electricity over a ten-year period from a new 50-MW plant to be built by Spanish project developer Solaria. Due for completion by the end of 2021, the plant is part of the 626-MW Trillo project, which will be the largest solar park in Europe.

Renewable energy 21.10.2020

Energy transition and security of supply are possible but need bold policy decisions

Switzerland can complete the energy transition and achieve security of supply at the same time, according to Axpo CEO Christoph Brand and Chief Economist Martin Koller. Speaking today to representatives from government, industry, politics and academia at an online presentation, they explained how this could be achieved and financed. The necessary expansion of renewable energies is possible, they stressed, if the right approval processes and financing options are put in place.

Grids 16.09.2020

Fewer pylons in Schaffhausen nature park

Axpo plans to increase the voltage in its power lines in the Schaffhausen region in order to improve security of supply. Under the project, the existing overhead line going through the Schaffhausen nature park will be taken down and replaced with underground cabling. A total of 70 pylons will be removed, which will greatly enhance the landscape in the area. Planning approval has been granted.

Nuclear energy 21.08.2020

Management change at Beznau Nuclear Power Plant

On 1st September 2020, the Beznau Nuclear Power Plant (KKB) will undergo a management change. After ten years, Power Plant Manager Michael "Mike" Dost (59) will stand down. The decision comes following divergent views regarding the future management of the plant and cooperation with other Group companies. These divergent views are expressly not related to safety issues. Under the leadership of Michael Dost, the KKB has fulfilled all safety requirements at all times.

Nuclear energy 18.08.2020

Beznau nuclear power plant: Fuel element replacement in Unit 2 completed

Unit 2 of the Beznau nuclear power plant (KKB) went back on grid yesterday evening. During the work performed over a two-week period, one sixth of the fuel elements were replaced on an alternating basis. With the completion of reactor core reloading, the plant is now ready for the next operating period.

Nuclear energy 04.08.2020

Beznau nuclear power plant: Start of refueling in Unit 2

Unit 2 of the Beznau nuclear power plant (KKB) was taken off grid today, Tuesday, as planned in order to carry out refuelling. After reactor reloading, the plant will be ready for the next operating cycle.

Renewable energy 24.07.2020

Axpo subsidiary Urbasolar builds new solar plants in Southern France for EUR 124 million

Urbasolar is accelerating its growth: In cooperation with the French bank Crédit Agricole, Axpo’s subsidiary, which specialises in photovoltaics, is building 37 new solar plants across 16 French departments.

Company 15.07.2020

Axpo successfully places green bond

Axpo Holding AG successfully placed a green bond on the Swiss capital market via a digital capital market platform for the first time on 15 July 2020. The net proceeds of this CHF 133 million fixed-income note will be used to fund projects in the photovoltaic and wind energy sectors. This will help Axpo to strengthen its position as the largest Swiss producer of renewable energies and to expand its base of investors.

Company 03.07.2020

Thomas Gresch joins Axpo as new Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Thomas Gresch will head the technological development of the Group from January 1, 2021 at the latest. In Thomas Gresch (45), Axpo has gained an experienced and proven leader who, together with a new technology management team, will increase efficiency and effectiveness in central areas of the Axpo Group.

International business 23.06.2020

Axpo takes over flexibility commercialization of Nordic’s largest battery storage unit

Axpo Nordic continues to expand its business in the commercialization of flexibility by entering the market of battery storage systems: The subsidiary of Axpo has concluded an agreement with Neoen, a global leader in battery-based grid services, for the provision of ancillary services from a newly built lithium-ion battery storage unit in Yllikkälä (Finland). In this context, Axpo Nordic will be responsible for the marketing of the facility’s flexibility on the Finnish market, and manage the battery’s energy production and consumption when it comes to charging and discharging.

Company 08.06.2020

Strong operating performance – but earnings blunted by financial markets

The Axpo Group’s half-year financial results for 2019/20 (1 October 2019 to 31 March 2020) were influenced by two factors: a strong operating performance, which was up once again on the prior-year period, and the negative impact of volatility on the financial markets. The funds for the decommissioning and disposal of nuclear power plants (STENFO) had a particularly significant negative impact on results of CHF 389 million. Whereas earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) were still only slightly lower at CHF 329 million despite the Covid-19 crisis, the result for the period fell to CHF – 24 million.

Renewable energy 03.06.2020

Axpo unveils "Smart Energy Lab" at Umwelt Arena Spreitenbach

Whenever we need it, electricity comes reliably from the plug socket. For this to be the case, innumerable factors must interact within the power supply system. Axpo's new permanent exhibition "Smart Energy Lab" at Umwelt Arena Spreitenbach conveys these interrelationships in an interactive and playful way.

Nuclear energy 22.05.2020

Beznau nuclear power plant: Unit 1 back on grid after scheduled outage

The Beznau nuclear power plant (KKB) has completed refurbishment work on Unit 1 and reconnected the reactor to the grid today following the approval of the Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate (ENSI). It was possible to complete the work on schedule despite all the corona-related restrictions and additional efforts.

Wind power 19.05.2020

Axpo and Green Investment Group extend PPA cooperation to Norway

Axpo Nordic reinforces its role as a leading marketer of renewable energy in the Nordics by concluding two more long-term route-to-market power purchase agreements (PPA) with UK-based Green Investment Group’s (GIG) wind farms Buheii and Tysvær in Norway. Currently under construction with commercial operation expected in the second half of 2021, the wind farms will provide energy to the Norwegian smelters of Eramet, a global mining and metallurgical group. Axpo Nordic is responsible for facilitating the corporate PPA between GIG and Eramet Norway through the balancing of the wind farms and managing the physical power delivery.

Renewable energy 30.04.2020

Energy Act: Investments in renewables have to be worthwhile

Targeted investment incentives are needed in order for Switzerland to achieve a substantial expansion of renewable energies. The investment contributions proposed under the revision of the Energy Act are not suitable for large-scale plants. Furthermore a risk guarantee to ensure long-term investments in existing hydropower plants is lacking. Axpo proposes appropriate alternatives.

Company 30.04.2020

Christoph Brand takes over as the CEO of Axpo on 1 May

Christoph Brand (50) will take up his new position as the CEO of Axpo Holding AG on 1 May. He succeeds Chairman Thomas Sieber, who has been responsible for interim operative management of the company since October 2019.

Company 30.04.2020

Christoph Brand takes over as new CEO of Axpo on 1 May

Christoph Brand (50) takes up his new position as the new CEO of Axpo Holding AG on 1 May. He succeeds Chairman Thomas Sieber, who has been in charge of the interim operative management of the company since October 2019.

Nuclear energy 17.04.2020

Beznau nuclear power plant: Start of the annual revision of Unit 1

Today, the Beznau nuclear power plant (KKB) is taking Unit 1 off the grid for just over a month as planned for inspection work and for the replacement of fuel elements. This marks the end of an op-erating cycle of just over 300 days.

Company 14.04.2020

Axpo expects half-year results for 2019/20 to be significantly lower than last year

Axpo expects the result for the period of the first half of 2019/20 to be significantly lower than in the previous year despite good operating performance.

Renewable energy 02.04.2020

Alliance for an effective financing model for renewable energies

An alliance of the Swiss energy industry, consisting of the major energy suppliers, municipal utilities and various industry associations, is demanding that the Federal Council provides an effective and market-oriented financing model for renewable energies that will put an end to the current blockade on domestic investments and thereby guarantee security of supply. The demands include a binding development path for renewable energies and the introduction of competitive tenders with a floating market premium, taking into account European regulatory guidelines.

Renewable energy 01.04.2020

Building permit granted for Muttsee solar plant

The first large-scale alpine solar plant in Switzerland can be built. The relevant authorities have approved the building application. Due to new findings, the plant design will be slightly adapted. Axpo plans to build the plant on the Muttsee dam in the summer of 2021.

Hydropower 17.03.2020

KSL: Year of production above average

At the Annual General Meeting of Kraftwerke Sarganserland AG (KSL), the shareholders approved the 2018/19 annual financial statement. KSL has had a productive year of operations.

Hydropower 17.03.2020

KLL increased production

The shareholders of Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern AG (KLL) have approved the 2018/19 annual financial statements and resolved to pay a dividend of CHF 1.75 million.

Solar energy 04.03.2020

Axpo to build solar plants for Paris airports

By 2021, Axpo's subsidiary Urbasolar will build three solar plants in France to produce solar power for the Paris airports. The plants will cover around 10 percent of the electricity needed by the airports Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Le Bourget.

Wind power 27.01.2020

Axpo takes over power marketing of Global Tech I offshore wind farm

Axpo continues to expand its business in the direct marketing of electricity from renewable energies in Germany: Axpo's German subsidiary has been responsible for the overall marketing of the Global Tech I (GT I) wind farm in the North Sea since the beginning of 2020. Axpo Deutschland was awarded the contract at the end of 2019.

Hydropower 22.01.2020

Axpo supplies Sunrise with electricity from hydro-power

Since the beginning of 2020, the largest private telecommunications provider in Switzerland relies on hydropower: Axpo has concluded a full supply contract with Sunrise. The agreement includes the supply of electricity from the Axpo hydropower plants to all the Sunrise locations in Switzerland.

International business 20.01.2020

Axpo UK signs deal for energy supply and wholesale market access with So Energy

Axpo is further expanding its business in the UK market: The company’s subsidiary in London and So Energy, a challenger supplier to the UK domestic market, have today announced a three-year energy supply and trading deal.

Company 17.01.2020

Annual General Meeting Axpo Holding AG – shareholders waive dividend

The 19th Annual General Meeting of Axpo Holding AG on 17 January 2020 has approved the annual report and the annual financial statements for 2018/19, and agreed on all other motions. The shareholders waived their dividend again.

International business 15.01.2020

Axpo signs deal for energy supply and market access with Valda Energy

Axpo’s subsidiary in London and Valda Energy, a new energy supplier to the UK SME business market, have just announced a three-year deal for energy supply. Thus, Axpo further strengthens its position in the UK energy market.

Hydropower 14.01.2020

Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern AG increased electricity production in 2018/19

Today, the Board of Directors of Kraftwerke Linth-Limmern AG (KLL) approved the 2018/19 annual financial statement prepared for the Annual General Meeting to be held on 19 March 2020. KLL's energy production to Axpo and the Canton of Glarus increased to 1.49 billion kWh in financial year 2018/19 (previous year 1.38 billion kWh). Annual costs increased in parallel.

Hydropower 09.01.2020

Aarekraftwerk Klingnau AG: Less water, less electricity

Today, the Board of Directors of Aarekraftwerk Klingnau AG (AKA) approved the 2018/19 annual financial statement prepared for the Annual General Meeting to be held on 13 March 2020. In financial year 2018/19, AKA's energy production to partners amounted to 186 GWh, which was slightly lower as compared to the previous year owing to below-average water flow in the Aare River. Annual costs also decreased in parallel.

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