Energy Risk Commodity Rankings

Energy Risk Commodity Rankings is the largest poll of its kind in the commodities world, and has been running for over 25 years. In it, market participants vote for their preferred brokers and dealers across the commodities complex, commenting on the quality of the products and services they receive.

Top ranking for Axpo in 2021

Customers and counterparties have once again voted Axpo one of the world's best energy traders. In this year’s ranking, Axpo was voted number three among the best overall commodities dealers in the world. The company was also ranked number two in several additional global categories: World’s Best Overall Energy Dealers, Best Global Power Dealers, Leading Natural Gas and in the Global Oil Trading category.

In the country categories for the power trading business, Axpo maintained its number one position in the United Kingdom, and moved to rank number one in Eastern Europe. The company also achieved first place as Best Analysts in European Power Trading Markets. In addition, Axpo achieved second place in the power trading categories for Belgium and France, and third place in Germany and Italy.

In the natural gas trading categories, Axpo not only achieved second place in the global ranking, but was voted number one in the United Kingdom and number three in Italy.

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Ranking Overall tables
3 Best overall commodities dealer
2 Best overall energy dealer
2 Natural gas
2 Power
Domenico De Luca, Head Business Area Trading & Sales
"Our risk management underpins everything we do and is the reason for our success. We’ve made compelling investment in credit risk and continue to do so."
Marco Saalfrank, Head CEMT/Member Management Board
"Trading-wise, we were able to react very fast to market inefficiencies and to offer the same service to the customer as before Covid-19."

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Our top rankings in different categories

Axpo has invested in research over the last five to ten years. The team has grown significantly. We are therefore pleased to have been awarded first place as the best analyst in European power trading.

Ranking Research
1 Research in European power
Ranking Natural Gas - Europe
1 NBP (UK)
3 PSV (Italy)
Ranking Power - Europe
1 Eastern Europe
1 UK
2 France
2 Belgium
3 Germany
3 Italy