Energy Sales


The main activity of Axpo Iberia SL as a sales agent consists of representing special system plants before OMIE and REE, managing the sale of production programmes in OMIE, settling imbalance energy before REE with shielding on the imbalance surcharge, managing origin guarantees as well as premiums and supplements.

Is Axpo the right choice?

Yes. -Currently, Axpo Iberia SL manages the main portfolio of special system plants in Spain, with installed power exceeding 7,600 MW and technological and geographical diversification that enables optimal management of imbalance surcharges. Cutting-edge IT applications developed to manage the plants and the option to provide all of the services at competitive prices and at the highest level of quality, position Axpo Iberia SL as one of the best options for optimising the sale of energy generated and reducing the risks associated with volatile prices.

Experience and flexibility, reasons for trusting in Axpo

Changes to legislation, operating procedures and regulations make continuous assessment necessary when any changes are made that might affect the activity of the plants on the market. Axpo Iberia SL is composed of experienced professionals who inform the producers about the implications of any changes in regulations or the different representation options, in order to always find the best choice for the producer.

What other services do we offer our clients?

  • Income guarantees
    “Avoid surprises from fluctuations in the electricity market's prices and opt for a fixed price option”

    Our trading team's experience and your in-depth knowledge of handling the markets enable- us to offer various alternatives for income guarantees, from coverage for basic power load, up to a fixed price per MWh produced.

  • PPA – Power Purchase Agreements
    “Insure your income for a period of up to 10 years”

    In addition, and in accordance with the legislation in force, in order to stabilise prices for special system projects without premiums, Axpo Iberia SL offers power purchase agreements and/or a guarantee on the price of energy produced long-term (PPA). These agreements can last up to 10 years. 

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