Annual Results 2022/23 Axpo posts exceptionally good results for FY 2022/23, despite challenging year

In an environment that continued to be challenging, Axpo demonstrated strength, confirmed its position as an international energy leader, and achieved exceptionally good results for the 2022/23 financial year (1 October 2022 to 30 September 2023). The company strategy of diversification across business areas and geographical markets proved key to this success. At the same time, Axpo made a significant and reliable contribution to the security of energy supply in Switzerland, covering around 40% of Swiss electricity consumption. Axpo also continued to make consistent progress in the expansion of solar and wind energy, both at home and internationally. As a driving force behind the energy transition, the company also invested in innovative hydrogen, biomass, energy storage, geothermal and intelligent power grid projects.

The Swiss federal government decreed CHF 4 billion credit line – which Axpo did not utilise at any time – was revoked at Axpo’s request as of 1 December 2023.

Key numbers in CHF million

11565 {{ value }}


was strengthened significantly and increased by over CHF 4 billion.

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Adjusted operating profit increased significantly compared to the previous year (CHF 392 million).

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increased from CHF 4101 million to CHF 7542 million.

Axpo CEO: "We enable a sustainable future by providing innovative energy solutions."

Axpo Strategic Pillars

Energy supply

Contribute significantly to a secure energy supply system.

Renewable energies

Advance the energy transition and build up renewables.

Customer and trading business

Grow the customer business with energy trading solutions.

Energy supply

Highlights for this strategic pillar: High availability of the power plants and their significant contribution to a secure and reliable electricity supply. Axpo covered around 40% of Switzerland's electricity consumption. Production from nuclear power and hydropower increased by 5% and 8% respectively. Axpo extended procurement contracts with Electricité de France and was awarded hydropower reserves for winter 23/24 by federal government.

Renewable energies

Highlights for this strategic pillar: Axpo added 202 MW of solar power capacity last year. The company is planning a 360 GWh solar plant in Spain and has installed over 700 photovoltaic systems on roofs in Switzerland through its subsidiary CKW. Progress has also been made in several Alpine solar projects. In the wind power sector, Axpo has added 113 MW of capacity. And finally, Axpo began construction of its first hydrogen facilities in Switzerland.

Customer and trading business

Under this strategic pillar Axpo primarily focused on supplying electricity and gas to SMEs through to multinational wholesale customers. Power purchase agreements (PPAs) are one of the biggest growth areas in the customer and trading business. Axpo has concluded numerous such agreements, for example the one with Siltronic in Germany, which enables the company to reduce its CO2 emissions by 25,000 tonnes. At the 2023 Energy Risk Commodity Rankings, Axpo received the top prize for world's best power dealer.

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More highlights

Axpo can look back on a successful 2022/23 financial year. In a challenging environment, its strategy paid off: the company became stronger and the outlook remains positive. 

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