You turn on the lights, cook, use smartphones and computers. You rely on power, and you rely on Axpo. As much as you take the power from the socket for granted, the system behind it is all the more complex.


Axpo delivers solutions. We not only produce climate-friendly, CO2-free electricity, we also manage supply. In the morning when we all start the day, Axpo’s Network Control Centre in Baden switches on additional power plants. In the evening, when the Champion’s League Final goes into overtime, we keep additional power plants on grid - so nobody misses the decisive goal.


Electricity around the clock. Power plants must produce exactly as much electricity as is being consumed from the power grid at all times. If not, the system would collapse. Power plants that can continuously feed power into the grid and whose output can be quickly adjusted are important for this.


Our storage power plants can produce large quantities of electricity in just minutes or store temporary surpluses for later use. Run-of-river, biomass and nuclear power plants supply energy around the clock. Grid infrastructure and operation are equally important. We are continuously upgrading and expanding our grid to meet requirements.


As Switzerland's largest producer of renewable energies, we rely on hydropower and biomass in Switzerland, and our subsidiary CKE also depends on solar and wind power. We reliably supply climate-friendly, CO2-free energy with our tried and tested nuclear power plants. And we are continuously working on the further expansion of renewable energies.


We invest in the solutions of the future. In Sarganserland, for example, we operate Switzerland's first digital hydropower plant. We are creating marketplaces with digital platforms. We develop energy solutions based on state-of-the-art technologies. We will only be successful if we constantly strive for new, even better solutions.


The Axpo Group with over 30 locations in Europe, the USA and Asia is always close by, familiar with the local culture and market conditions. Axpo speaks the language of its customers. With Volkswind and Urbasolar, we are an important player in the European onshore wind and large-scale solar power business. And we market one of the largest portfolios of renewable energies. Axpo is one of the leading European energy traders along the entire time horizon from intraday trading to multi-year contracts with a wide variety of products worldwide. We are the preferred European provider of tailored customer solutions.


The Axpo Group includes Axpo Holding AG, based in Baden, and its subsidiaries Axpo Power AG, Axpo Solutions AG and Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke AG (CKW). Axpo is wholly-owned by the cantons and cantonal utilities of Northeastern Switzerland.

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Executives & Directors

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Strategy & vision

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Axpo Group Organisation

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