Who are our customers?

Full of energy

SME Consumers

We are your integral partner in the energy transformation of your business.

Thousands of businesses entrust their energy to the first large energy company that puts at the service of the self-employed and SMEs the knowledge accumulated in the management of large clients with the same enthusiasm, passion and commitment with which the small entrepreneurs of this country rise every day.

Large Enterprise Customers

Axpo offers industries and large companies its tailor-made energy products and services. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to offer and execute everything from individual projects to highly complex ones. Our specialists constantly strive to develop efficient, sustainable and innovative solutions, always maintaining the highest quality standards.

Power Producers

Axpo Iberia manages the main independent portfolio of producers in the Iberian market, with an installed power of more than 7,600 MW and a technological and geographical diversification that allows an optimal management of deviation surcharges.

Investors & Developers

At Axpo Iberia, as part of our daily work, we meet with national and international investors and developers. We learn together and collaborate to create coverage structures that allow us to make the business scalable in the long term and thus contribute to the additionality factor of renewable energies.

Other utility Companies

Axpo works with other energy companies to support them in the sale of both gas and electricity.

Contact us

Whatever energy solution you require, we can provide you with competent, sound support. We would be happy to explain what we can do for you in a personal meeting.

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