In Axpo Iberia we have been present in the PPA market since its beginning. We have the know-how of our colleagues in Northern Europe and the experience in risk management of this type of contract, which has enabled us to position ourselves as a key player in the market. This line of business, which is strategic for the company, reinforces our commitment to the environment and care for the planet.

There are three axes to our long-term PPA proposal:

  • Flexibility: we are experts in offering traditional long term coverage, such as a fixed price, and other more innovative coverage, always with the objective of helping our clients to carry out their investments in renewable projects. As for the production profile, we quote both in base load and adapted to the generation profile of the project.
  • Tailor-made products: we adapt to the type of contract required by our client. 
  • Professionalised risk management: more than 15 years managing PPAs throughout Europe are our guarantee, as well as the fact that our owners are the North-East Cantons of Switzerland.

In addition, we offer other related products such as market representation, optimization of diversion costs and the purchase and sale of guarantees of origin.


Long-Term hedges

In Axpo Iberia we offer innovative structures for long-term price coverage. Our internal know-how from other European subsidiaries, the experience of our trading desk, as well as the competitive advantage of having the largest representation portfolio outside the incumbents, we are confident that this will position us as market leaders in the medium term.

Tailor-Made Products

Each structured product is a tailor-made suit. We adapt to the needs of our customers and create tailored solutions. 

Sales agent

Axpo Iberia has a portfolio under management of over 7,600MW, making it the largest independent portfolio in the Iberian market. In addition, the technological and geographical diversification of the plants allows a great shielding and optimization of the over costs of deviations.

Guarantees of origin

In Axpo Iberia we have a team that exclusively manages the guarantees of origin generated by the renewable parks whose price we cover in the long term. The professionalism and continuous communication with our traders in other subsidiaries in Europe allow us to have a deep knowledge of the market and contribute to the optimization of our clients' investments.

Furthermore, Axpo certifies that the electricity supplied to all its customers comes from clean sources (Class A Green Energy) thus contributing to the protection of the environment and the fight against climate change.


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Whatever energy solution you require, we can provide you with competent, sound support. We would be happy to explain what we can do for you in a personal meeting.

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