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Axpo Iberia manages the main independent portfolio of producers in the Iberian market, with an installed capacity of more than 7,600 MW and a technological and geographical diversification that allows an optimal management of diversion cost overruns. The state-of-the-art computer applications developed for plant management and the option of being able to provide all services at competitive prices and with the highest quality, position Axpo Iberia as one of the best alternatives to optimize the sale of generated energy and reduce the risks associated with price volatility.

At the forefront of technological innovation

  • The Axpo Iberia Electric Generation Control and Operation Centre (CECOGEL) is approved by REE in compliance with current regulations and provides continuous service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including the following benefits:
  • Control Centre Services - Telemetry and Delegate Office
  • Supervision, Control and Operation of Substations (SET).
  • Capture and treatment of information in real time.
  • Supervision and Control of the operation of Communications equipment
  • Daily, weekly and monthly operation reports.
  • Monitoring of the state of the plants and production in real time.
  • Added value services to producers and consumers.
  • Simulation of tests of manageability accreditation and participation in complementary services.
  • Regulatory Area (Secondary), Tertiary and service management.
  • Reset of SET and start of wind farm machines in real time.
  • Remote control and remote control of facilities.
  • Management Tool and Optimization of Electricity Production Assets.
  • Monitoring of production plants around the world


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