08.12.2021 | 39% of customers changing supplier chose Goldenergy

Taking Portugal by storm

A recent report published by Portugal’s power regulator ERSE confirms that Axpo subsidiary Goldenergy is the nation’s preferred energy supplier. The report reveals that four out of ten customers who changed supplier in the business year to September 20/21, chose Goldenergy over competitors EDP, Endesa, Iberdrola, and MEO Energia. This clear customer preference is the latest evidence of the company’s continued growth in the Portuguese market.

Since its acquisition by Axpo in 2018, the company has pursued a strategy of increasing its points of sale across the country. A clear company mission and vision is focused on being ‘Faster, Better, Cheaper’ in delivering superior customer service and value for money. Robust operations and quality control, clear accountability and ownership of what is important to customers, setting clear KPIs and daily business targets, have been important factors in Goldenergy’s growth. Delivering a fast, high-quality service, producing invoices that are easy for customers to understand, and aiming for the lowest customer churn rate possible have all contributed to this success.

Goldenergy’s internal culture is also impressive. CEO Miguel Checa Rodriguez explained: “Being awarded the ‘Great Place to Work’ certificate this year made me really proud of everyone at the company. Only through their efforts, their enthusiasm and agility, have we been able to achieve these excellent results. This is also testament to how important it is to have a great internal culture with people who are driven, motivated and contributing to our bottom line every single day.”

The risk management capabilities of Axpo Iberia Energy, as well as the best practices introduced after Axpo’s acquisition, have also played their part.

Axpo Iberia Country Manager for Portugal, Ignacio Soneira, said: “Risk management is at the heart of Axpo Trading & Sales’ strength and success. So I’m pleased to see that application of our strong risk management tools and processes at Goldenergy has produced a robust business model delivering results year after year. I want to thank everyone involved who contributed to this success and encourage the team to keep going strong!”


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