Experience Axpo

Insight into the world of energy

Energy isn't just there to be consumed, it can be experienced too. Axpo's power plants and exhibitions provide many ways in which you can do just that. You can also discover more about the production and distribution of electricity on our website.

Axporama, Axpo's visitor centre at Schloss Böttstein (canton of Aargau), welcomes you to the fascinating world of electricity. The "Life with Energy" exhibition focuses on practical experiments as well as education.

One of Axpo's most important upgrade projects is the Linthal 2015 pump storage plant which will triple the output of the Linth-Limmern power plants in the canton of Glarus. The visitor centre and site tours allow you to experience this impressive project for yourself.

The Environment Arena in Spreitenbach (canton of Aargau) is an exhibition and event platform for modern and responsible life choices. It makes the topics of the environment and sustainability tangible and understandable. Axpo has been involved in the exhibition in the Environment Arena since the beginning. The company also helped to build the largest solar roof to be integrated in a building in Switzerland.

Axpo's production portfolio includes a diverse range of power plants. Its grid covers more than a third of Switzerland. Gain an insight into the Axpo world of electricity generation and electricity distribution.



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