100 Jahre Axpo

100 Jahre Axpo

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Linthal 2015: Record-breaking dam completed

31.10.2014 -
The alpine construction project Linthal 2015 has reached another milestone. The gravity dam on the Muttenalp has been completed before the onset of winter. A few weeks ago, the last bucket of concrete was poured into the wall that will one day hold back the water for the Limmern pumped storage plant. Owing to its location at 2500 a.s.l., it is the highest dam in Europe – and with a length of slightly over one kilometre, the longest in Switzerland.


Axpo Energy Award | Electricity for Africa based on the LEGO principle

30.10.2014 -
On the occasion of the Swiss Startup Awards, the Axpo Energy Award was presented for the second time on 30 October 2014: This year’s prize with CHF 50,000 in starting capital goes to the innovative solar project „power BLOX“.

North Sea wind farm Global Tech I construction phase completed

01.09.2014 -
Construction of the North Sea wind farm Global Tech I is complete: 100 kilometres from the German coast and occupying an area half the size of Bremerhaven the offshore wind power station now stands with 80 turbines of the 5 megawatt class (AREVA Wind M5000-116) and the farm’s own transformer station. At present, only the cable work needs to be finalised. An underwater robot is checking that the farm’s 120 kilometres of internal cables lay correctly and at the right depth in their seabed trenches.