Axpo in Switzerland

Setting the course today for electricity supply tomorrow: As the largest producer of renewable energies in Switzerland, we make sustainable investments in the technologies of the future.

Our energy solutions

Axpo offers tailored electricity products and energy services for companies. Our specialists consistently strive to develop environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions, and innovative technologies.

A wind farm giant in the North Sea

The numbers are impressive: In purely mathematical terms, the Global Tech I wind farm with a capacity of 400 megawatts produces enough electricity from renewable energy to supply 445,000 households.

Full of energy – Working at Axpo

Dedicated people with innovative, entrepreneurial thinking are the basis of Axpo’s success. We put diversity into practise in our daily business. Become a part of the Axpo Group.

Energy from olives

18.11.2015 -
Spain is the world’s largest producer of olives. However, delicious olive oil is not the only thing produced from this stone fruit – valuable biomass that is distributed by Axpo Iberia is also generated from the waste products.

An 8-kilometre long cable brings electricity to the Urner Vermigelhütte

13.11.2015 -
For over 40 years hikers had to make do with little comfort while stopping at the Vermigelhütte near Andermatt because there was no electricity. An 8-kilometre long cable has been installed and now brings electricity from Ticino to the Urner Valley. Axpo supported this project.

Axpo offers Polish renewable energy certificates with a tailored web platform

10.11.2015 -
Axpo is Poland’s largest independent off-taker of energy and certificates from renewable sources, with a customer portfolio of more than 500'000 kW of installed power.
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