Axpo belongs to the cantons

Axpo Holding AG is wholly owned by the cantons of North Eastern Switzerland and their cantonal utility companies. The share capital is divided into 37,000,000 registered shares with a par value of CHF 10 each. The shareholders are:

Axpo Holding AGin %30.09.2012 in Millionen CHF
Canton of Zurich 18,34267.9
Utilities of Canton of Zurich 18,41068.1
Canton of Aargau13,97551.7
AEW ENERGIE AG14,02651.9
St. Gallisch-Appenzellische Kraftwerke AG12,50146.3
Elektrizitätswerk des Kantons Thurgau AG 12,25145.3
Canton of Schaffhausen 7,87529.1
Canton of Glarus 1,7476.5
Canton of Zug0,8733.2
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