Energy trading

International energy trading is the traditional core business of the Axpo Solutions AG division. Thanks to our many years of experience, we have an in-depth knowledge of the opportunities and risks in the trading business and have direct access to the most important wholesale market trading centres in Europe. With us, you can expand your radius of action both across geographical borders and across energy sources, and benefit from opportunities that arise in exchange-based and bilateral energy trading.


We procure centrally for you:

  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • CO₂ and green certificates

and market your energy on the trading market if you wish.

Market access

Take advantage of the opportunities of the wholesale market.

As an energy trading company operating throughout Europe, we offer you access to all relevant wholesale markets. Benefit from a central, direct market access starting with the intraday market and extending to OTC transactions for the next 10 years.

The contractual basis of our trading transactions are standardised framework agreements according to the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) or bilateral framework agreements.

  • is accredited at numerous energy exchanges and broker platforms throughout Europe
  • also trades directly with counterparties (OTC transaction)
  • trades across borders in large parts of Europe (cross-border trading)
  • buys and sells both electricity and natural gas, oil or other energy derivatives (cross commodity trading)
  • trades purely financial products (derivatives such as options, futures or swaps)
  • is successful in trading with CO₂ certificates, so-called green certificates and energy from renewable sources
  • has a leading competence centre for market analyses in the industry

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