Tailor-made and risk-optimised energy solutions

Energy management poses major challenges for all market participants. In order to optimally cover your electricity requirements, Axpo offers a wide range of products and services that are tailored to your needs (origination). You benefit from Axpo's proven experience in energy trading, risk management and market analysis, as well as from its Europe-wide presence. Your consumption behaviour, your willingness to take risks in terms of price and volume, and the time you are willing to spend, all influence the choice of procurement model. You benefit from our comprehensive product portfolio, which offers both standard products and tailor-made energy solutions.

How can we support you?

Electricity supply

We offer your company the opportunity to fix electricity prices up to 15 years before delivery, thus securing long-term investments.

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We are an established trading partner for almost all energy sources and other commodities in Europe and North America.

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Price hedging

We help you to benefit from the current price level with long-term products and, if necessary, to hedge this for the future.

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Flex marketing

Where generation or consumption installations have the possibility to temporarily increase or decrease output, this flexibility has value in the market.

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Energy trading

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have a precise knowledge of the opportunities and risks in the trading business.

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The natural regular fluctuations in consumption and volatile energy prices mean that the procurement costs of gas are difficult to plan.

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We offer wind and solar power generators tailor-made solutions - depending on their needs and individual preferences.

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Certificates of origin

Especially for energy-intensive industrial companies, trading with CO2 certificates and the purchase of green energy is becoming increasingly important.

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