PPAs for wind and solar

We offer wind and solar power generators tailor-made solutions - depending on their needs and individual preferences.

Demand for PPAs is growing rapidly

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) are increasingly developing into a megatrend due to cuts or the abolition of state subsidies throughout Europe, and more and more companies are also relying on long-term purchase agreements for green electricity in order to secure a reliable and sustainable energy supply. PPAs are thus becoming a secure and predictable source of income for wind and solar plant operators and are becoming a mainstay in the expansion of renewable energies.

PPAs for renewable energy operators

Axpo offers wind and solar power generators tailor-made solutions - depending on their needs and individual preferences. For example, it is possible to agree a fixed volume with the producer at a fixed price, which results in regular income throughout the year - regardless of market, volume and weather risks. Which model is the most suitable in each case is worked out according to requirements.

PPAs for electricity consumers

Axpo has been active in Germany and Europe for more than 15 years, supplying full power to large industrial customers or distributors. Axpo already supplies many electricity consumers in Europe with electricity from renewable energies (wind, solar or hydroelectric power).

Axpo - a strong partner

With a customer portfolio of around 16,600 MW, Axpo is one of the leading marketers of renewable energies in Europe, is active in 40 energy markets worldwide and has considerable expertise in risk management.

PPAs from Axpo - tailor-made and tailored to your needs 


Direct marketing of renewable energies

Your renewable production plant is still supported by the EEG?

As one of the largest marketers of wind energy, Axpo offers solutions for the marketing of controllable plants (biogas, biomass, hydroelectric power) and non-controllable plants (wind onshore, offshore) within the framework of the applicable EEG guidelines, while at the same time guaranteeing you additional income from these.

Axpo has been active in this field in Germany since the beginning of the opportunity to market renewable energies and can therefore draw on many years of experience.

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