12.12.2016 | Are you familiar with our assets? Test yourself.

Is Axpo a renewable company?

Many people mainly think of nuclear power when talking about Axpo.
Although, today, the company is the largest producer of renewable energies in Switzerland. As at Beznau or Leibstadt, climate-friendly power is being produced at many locations throughout Switzerland. How well do you know Axpo? Test your knowledge with this photo series.

At the moment the political debate is focusing on the Energy Strategy 2050 and renewable energies. What’s happening at Axpo in this context?

Today we are setting the course for tomorrow’s electricity supply: As the largest producer of renewable energies in Switzerland, Axpo is making sustainable investments in the technologies of the future. Our focus is on hydropower, wind and biomass at ideal locations. On the way into the future, Axpo ensures a continuous, sustainable and climate-friendly energy supply for its customers in Switzerland through its reliable nuclear power plants.

Axpo is also active in the area of energy efficiency as called for by the Energy Strategy 2050. Axpo is converting its distribution networks from 50 to 110 kilovolts so that more electricity can be transported and electricity losses can be prevented during the distribution process (reduction of friction loss)  – in contrast to today. When the substations have been upgraded to the latest technology, energy losses will be about four times less.

See for yourself. 

Our assets in the area of power supply are located throughout Switzerland. This map will show you where Axpo is based.

So now you know where our production plants in Switzerland are located. But are you familiar with our power plant park? Can you recognise our dams or run-of-river power plants? Do you know which retention reservoirs we own and what they look like? This photo series will give you an opportunity to test your knowledge or learn something new. Enjoy!

What is this?

Easy question! This is the Muttsee, part of PSW Limmern.

What can you see here?

Exactly, the hydro power plant Eglisau Glattfelden. It runs since 1920 and produces today annually around 318 GWh electricity.

This is...

Axpo Tegra, Domat Ems. Following hydropower, wood is the second most important renewable energy in Switzerland. Axpo Tegra AG has been operating Switzerland’s largest, CO2-neutral biomass power plant for eight years. The eco-friendly wood-fired power plant utilises wood chips stemming from local forest, field and garden waste wood.

Far too easy these questions? Don't worry, we have some more difficult questions for you...

In Beznau there is also a hydroelectric power station, which started production in 1902 already. It has a capacity of 19,5 MW.

Where do we produce wind here?

This is Lutersarni in Entlebuch LU. Centralschweizerische Kraftwerke (CKW) has built the bigest wind power station in Central Switzerland. It is 120 meter high - as high as the PrimeTower in Zürich.

At the border of which river are we here?

At the Aare in Aarau. What you can see is part of the hydro power plant Rüchlig. It was renewed till summer 2015 (3 1/2 years of renovation work). The costs were 120 Mio. Swiss Francs.

This is in the Swiss Alps, but where?

Mattmark reservoir close to Saas Almagell in Valais. The power plant belongs to Axpo, CKW and other partners. The reservoir water is turbined in Zermeiggen and Stalden. The average electricity production annually is 649 Mio. kWh.

Do you know this one? A little hint might help, here the history of Axpo started.

Yes, well done! This is the Klöntalersee. With its water the high pressure power plant am Löntsch in Netstal is run. Together with the hydro power plant Beznau (AG) this is the cradle of Axpo.

Oh my, this is a real hard one, isn't it?

This ist the equalizing reservoir of Fätschbachwerk in Linthal GL. It is used to dispense the water into the Linth.

Does this overview make things clear for you?

We are in Sedrun, you see parts of the Kraftwerke Vorderrhein.

If you really checked out this article and the videos, this one is a freebee for you...

The Altgass substation near Zug. If you haven't already checked out the video above, do so for intersting news about energy efficency.

Looks somehow top, this thing here...

Yes, another substation in Schlattingen TG. From 2008 till 2010 completly renewed - an investment of 26 Mio. Swiss Francs.

Something to be burned. Where?

Axpo Kompogas Oensingen, with a capacity of 0,9 MW - in operation since 2009.

We remain in the Kompogas area.

Exactly.This is Otelfingen ZH.

Here comes the last one. What and where is this?

This is the in the hydro power plant Beznau. Each of the installed eleven turbines here has a capacity 1,77 MW, which totals in a capacity of 19,5 MW. The average energy production equals 147 Mio. kWh a year. And by the way, the big picture above this story in the reservoir Gigerwald, part of Axpo (Kraftwerke Sarganserland).

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