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Energy market 08.01.2021

Green Deal: Consequences for Switzerland

The EU acquis is developing

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Renewable energy 06.01.2021

Solar energy will boom worldwide

World Energy Outlook of the International Energy Agency

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International business 18.12.2020

The role of gas as the world moves towards a low carbon economy

Market insights: a fuel that fills the gap between fossil and renewables energies

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Renewable energy 30.11.2020

Strong tailwind for Axpo

Volkswind success at auctions in France

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International business 26.11.2020

"We will be among the top three PPA providers"

Axpo Deutschland plans to use the experience gained in other countries in 2021

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Renewable energy 25.11.2020

From construction site to grassy meadow

Recultivation following completion of the large-scale Linth-Limmern construction project

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International business 23.11.2020

A full load of sun for pizza and panettone

Axpo Italia builds a solar plant for the Italian bakery products supplier Italmill

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International business 19.11.2020

Transitioning to a low-carbon economy

Axpo Iberia has developed into Spain’s fastest growing marketer of natural gas

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International business 17.11.2020

Being literally close to the customer

Axpo Finland moves into new premises in the World Trade Center Helsinki

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Energy market 13.11.2020

"We need energy"

Interview with Axpo CEO Christoph Brand

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International business 12.11.2020

Green electricity for more environmentally friendly chocolate packaging

Axpo Italia concludes PPA with traditional aluminum foil manufacturer

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Renewable energy 05.11.2020

A good way to increase the acceptance of wind and solar power

A good way to increase the acceptance of wind and solar power

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Renewable energy 03.11.2020

Axpo Biomass in Eglisau

First success in implementing the expansion strategy

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Renewable energy 30.10.2020

Spectral play of colours on solar plant in Toulouse

The largest urban solar plant ever built

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Renewable energy 29.10.2020

Axpo at Disneyland Paris

Axpo and Disneyland Paris are building one of Europe's largest solar canopies

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International business 26.10.2020

Why cowpats can be good for the climate

Axpo Iberia signs Spain’s first long-term biomethane deal with pioneering milk farm

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Renewable energy 20.10.2020

Naturbett® horse bedding – made by Axpo

New innovative product

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Renewable energy 15.10.2020

Switzerland’s first digital hydropower plant

A key for innovative energy production

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Renewable energy 13.10.2020

Axpo turns its employees into solar entrepreneurs

Solar plant at Axpo headquarters oversubscribed by a factor more than 5

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International business 06.10.2020

Happy Birthday, Axpo Italia!

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International business 30.09.2020

An explanatory video about a cumbersome law

What the German Fuel Emissions Trading Act means for Axpo Germany's customers

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Innovation 28.09.2020

Replacement clamp from the 3D printer

Innovative asset management at Axpo

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Energy market 23.09.2020

Maximum funding efficiency through floating market premiums

Contribution to the debate on the new Energy Act/Part 2

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Energy market 23.09.2020

"We must abandon energy policy ideologies"

Axpo CEO Christoph Brand in an interview with the NZZ

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Energy market 22.09.2020

Creating suitable regulatory conditions

Contribution to the debate on the new Energy Act/Part 1

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Innovation 15.09.2020

Our future grid

The Grid 4.0 programme

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Renewable energy 08.09.2020

Higher dams for more winter power

Expansion potential of existing reservoirs in Switzerland

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Renewable energy 02.09.2020

Winter power from house facades

Solar facades also have potential in Switzerland

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International business 26.08.2020

Is Tesla a potential PPA opponent?

The electric car boom in Germany is stirring up the power industry

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Renewable energy 20.08.2020

Solar power on top – potatoes down below

Dual use of agricultural land with agrivoltaics

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Innovation 06.08.2020

In search of the super battery

Empa promotes applied research

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International business 31.07.2020

Axpo Italia ranks among the Big Three now

Strong growth also in the gas business

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Renewable energy 29.07.2020

Solar power for Galliker Transport AG

Powerful solar farm for the Car House in Altishofen

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Renewable energy 24.07.2020

We need better incentives for sustainable electricity

Switzerland has the wrong instruments for promoting renewable energies. A guest article by Thomas Sieber (Chairman of the Board of Directors Axpo) and Gianni Operto (President AEE) published in the Tages Anzeiger of 20 July 2020.

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International business 22.07.2020

"We want to help SMEs to get back to normal"

Axpo has been active in Portugal for five years

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Renewable energy 08.07.2020

Visit the Smart Energy Lab

We have the ideal program for you when the sun is not shining and the raindrops are falling: A visit to the Smart Energy Lab.

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Renewable energy 30.06.2020

When wind becomes electricity

Test your energy knowledge (4)

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Renewable energy 24.06.2020

Solar roof in Baden

Fabio Giddey, solar technician at CKW, about the solar system at the Baden campus

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Innovation 18.06.2020

World 4.0: Axpo in the digital age

First steps taken in transformation process

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Energy market 15.06.2020

Post-corona energy and climate policy

First virtual Axpo live stream session

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International business 05.06.2020

Axpo Italia comes first in customer orientation survey

Best partner to customers during Covid-19 crisis with traffic light initiative

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Renewable energy 03.06.2020

"Not all electricity is the same"

New Smart Energy Lab at Umwelt Arena Spreitenbach

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Renewable energy 02.06.2020

"The floating market premium is the more effective solution"

Christoph Sutter, Head of New Energies at Axpo, talks about his experience with the "floating market premium" in the international environment.

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Innovation 27.05.2020

Charging electric vehicles with trolley bus power

Innovative CKW pilot project in Kriens

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Renewable energy 20.05.2020

Hydropower: A storable energy

So much energy is available in Swiss reservoirs

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Renewable energy 14.05.2020

How do you produce electricity from the sun?

Test your energy knowledge (3)

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Energy market 11.05.2020

Demand for electricity falls by five percent

The International Energy Agency (IAE) expects global electricity demand to fall by five percent in 2020, and by as much as ten percent in certain regions severely affected by the Covid 19 pandemic.

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International business 06.05.2020

Green electricity for fuel supply chains

Axpo Iberia signs long-term PPA with leading petroleum supplier CLH Group

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International business 28.04.2020

Axpo Italia at the forefront in the fight against the corona virus

Direct support for impacted regions and customers

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Energy market 24.04.2020

Where will our future power supply come from

We can’t just rely on imports. What we need is a Swiss formula: PV+Hy+60

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Renewable energy 21.04.2020

"We demand a floating market premium"

Axpo CEO Thomas Sieber in an interview with CH Media

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Renewable energy 09.04.2020

Electricity from hydropower

Test your energy knowledge (2)

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Renewable energy 01.04.2020

"We need a new solution for winter power"

Solar researcher Annelen Kahl on the Axpo project in the Glarus Alps

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Renewable energy 27.03.2020

Solar power from the greenhouse

What raspberries, weather and power production have in common

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Energy market 24.03.2020

How is electricity generated?

Electricity is generated in a variety of ways. Whether hydropower or nuclear energy, wind or solar energy, each form of production has its strengths and weaknesses. Do you know them?

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Renewable energy 19.03.2020

Run-of-river hydropower – in simple terms

Hydropower supplies around 60 percent of the energy produced in Switzerland. This is good, because electricity from hydropower is renewable, indigenous, reliable and climate-friendly (CO2-free).

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Renewable energy 13.03.2020

Urbasolar is building a 5-MWp solar plant near Toulouse

13,888 floating solar panels

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Energy market 10.03.2020

The ABC’s of energy terminology

Do you speak volts, watts and hertz?

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Energy market 05.03.2020

A climate-neutral Switzerland by 2050

Renewable power as the key to our future

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Energy market 03.03.2020

A premiere for Swissgrid

For the first time, a 380-kilovolt high-voltage cable is being laid in the ground

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Renewable energy 25.02.2020

Smooth operator

Switzerland's storage power plants supply important power during the winter.

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Energy market 28.01.2020

Getting away from coal and nuclear

Expensive and controversial German energy turnaround

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Energy market 08.01.2020

Green Deal: What the EU wants

A climate-neutral Europe by the year 2050

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Energy market 12.11.2019

Betting on the right horse

Study on PPA market potential: Demand increasing rapidly

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Innovation 04.10.2019

"Think inside the box"

Sometimes an unusual setting is enough to generate fresh ideas

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Innovation 26.09.2019

Axpo occupies Europaallee

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Energy market 25.09.2019

"Beznau – an engineering masterpiece"

The importance of the Beznau nuclear power plant in the Canton of Aargau

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Innovation 15.09.2019

Curtailing power peaks

How peak shaving balances the grid and generates income

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Innovation 12.09.2019

Batteries of the future

Their use – research work

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Energy market 04.09.2019

"The Young Soul"

The third generation and the opportunities for change

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Energy market 27.08.2019

Enough power for the future?

An objective perspective on security of supply

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Energy market 23.08.2019

"Only the best is good enough"

The second generation and the island culture

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Energy market 14.08.2019

Bright sunshine in all directions

The solar energy business is booming throughout Europe

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Energy market 06.08.2019

Role model Kurt Küffer

The first nuclear power plant director in Switzerland created the "we" feeling

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Energy market 23.07.2019

"Everyone pulling together"

The first generation and the Beznau Spirit

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Energy market 19.07.2019

"Doing nothing will result in a major power deficit"

Interview with Empa researcher Martin Rüdisüli

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Energy market 15.07.2019

Three generations

Testimonies on the 50 years of the Beznau nuclear power plant

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International business 11.07.2019

Electricity demand will double until 2050

McKinsey's outlook on global energy perspectives

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Energy market 26.06.2019

"A piece of Swiss heritage"

Mike Dost, Director of the Beznau nuclear power plant, on the 50-year anniversary of KKB

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Energy market 18.06.2019

"The most independent, reliable energy supplier"

The beginnings of nuclear energy in Switzerland

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International business 13.06.2019

The sun is rising in Évora

PPA from Axpo enables commissioning of huge solar park in Portugal

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Energy market 04.06.2019

High up to the ibexes

New passenger cableway at Limmern pumped storage plant

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Energy market 23.05.2019

50 years Beznau nuclear power plant

The benefits of a secure domestic power supply

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Innovation 13.05.2019

Smart people work for Axpo

With a good portion of creativity and know-how to an innovative solution

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International business 07.05.2019

A PPA in three weeks and six days

Axpo Nordic concludes complex deal in record time

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International business 02.05.2019

"An agile and very successful SME"

Mister Renewables Christoph Sutter zum Kauf von Urbasolar

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International business 25.04.2019

"Mediator between producers and consumers"

Why Axpo sees great potential in the international PPA business

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Energy market 23.04.2019

Beznau 50-year anniversary

Half a century of climate-friendly power production

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International business 05.04.2019

Green electricity for e-bike charging stations

Axpo Iberia now supplies Madrid's urban transport services

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Energy market 02.04.2019

Nuclear energy as a key bridging technology

Where do things stand with the Energy Strategy 2050 goals?

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International business 19.03.2019

Because I’m happy

Axpo employees from all over the world celebrate the title as the best power trader in the world

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Energy market 11.03.2019

Switzerland - a power pioneer

Figures on the topic of energy - and a look into the past

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Innovation 13.02.2019

"Green electricity straight from the producer"

This online platform makes it possible to obtain environmentally friendly electricity from the region

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International business 07.02.2019

In a new guise

Axpo with a new stand at E-world

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International business 07.02.2019

Originator, amplificator

A day with Johannes Pretel at E-world

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International business 28.01.2019

Strong in PPA

We have the know-how

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International business 28.01.2019

PPAs on the agenda

What awaits Axpo at this year's E-world

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International business 28.01.2019

Number 1 in green electricity

Axpo markets approx. 14,000 MW in Europe

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Energy market 10.01.2019

Dishwashing? No thanks!

Figures on the topic of energy - and a good excuse.

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Energy market 06.12.2018

The Star of Laufenburg interconnection

A milestone for the pan-European electricity industry

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Energy market 30.11.2018

A start-up genius

Who invented it: Werner von Siemens and the dynamo

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Innovation 15.11.2018

A smart solution

Sustainably designed housing development in Küssnacht am Rigi

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Innovation 06.11.2018

Agile movers

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence

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Innovation 25.10.2018

An important topic

The trends in digitalisation

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Innovation 24.10.2018

Calculating robot

Three examples of the digitalisation process at Axpo

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Energy market 22.10.2018

Earthquake hazard "exaggerated"

The supervisory authority ENSI’s statement on a hazardous nuclear power plant incident occurring only every 10,000 years

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Energy market 21.09.2018

Power plants: Capacities are dropping

Less security of supply in Europe

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Innovation 20.09.2018

Aerial inspections with drones

Axpo Grids expands service business

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Energy market 31.07.2018

The Mastermind

Who invented it - Thomas Alva Edison and the light bulb

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Energy market 30.07.2018

Let there be light

Energy facts and figures

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Energy market 04.07.2018

With the brakes on

Hydropower: Approx. 500 million francs needed for replacement investments

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Innovation 02.07.2018

Choosing your own power mix

Blockchain is revolutionising energy trading

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Energy market 13.06.2018

No radiation risk

Beznau safe in the case of earthquakes

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Innovation 05.06.2018

Grid planning with the push of a button

Axpo presents an innovative tool at the 2018 "Powertagen" fair

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International business 18.05.2018

Priority for electric vehicles

Axpo expands its e-mobility network in Italy

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Renewable energy 14.05.2018

"The wind business is doing well"

Christoph Sutter, Head of New Energies, on the development of the Axpo wind portfolio

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Innovation 10.05.2018

Man or machine, which is better?

Energy trading: How technical analysis can support traders

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Innovation 09.05.2018

Power right from the producer

Elblox - the new online marketplace for locally produced green electricity

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Energy market 02.05.2018

«KKB is in good condition»

Mike Dost, Head of Beznau, on KKB 1

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Innovation 23.04.2018

On the keys, ready, go!

Three days of programming in a row - and what comes out of it

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Innovation 18.04.2018

"Painting by numbers" using helicopters and lasers

LIDAR technology enables the efficient surveying of overhead power lines across great distances

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Energy market 13.04.2018

A Scotsman generates steam

Who invented it: James Watt

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Innovation 03.04.2018

The grid of the future is smart

Intelligent grids and their importance in Switzerland

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Energy market 28.03.2018

What the PSW Limmern can do

A big battery in the mountains

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Innovation 23.03.2018

Etzel substation ready for operation

Increased security of supply with a climate-friendly world premier

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International business 13.03.2018

Nine “gold medals” for the energy traders

Axpo tops the "Energy Risk" survey again

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Energy market 06.03.2018

KKB unit 1: What's next

Axpo executives address the public

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Energy market 06.03.2018

«Safety is ensured»

ENSI gives green light for Beznau Unit 1

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Energy market 28.02.2018

Magnetic fields and electricity

Who discovered it: André Marie Ampère

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Energy market 16.02.2018

All about power masts

The basis for reliable electricity transport

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Energy market 31.01.2018

Electricity's journey

How Axpo’s power reaches the electrical outlet

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Energy market 12.01.2018

When dead frogs twitch

Who invented it: Alessandro Volta and the battery

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Innovation 09.01.2018

Digitalisation: Far advanced

Axpo's role in the fourth industrial revolution

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Energy market 05.01.2018

Repairmen deployed due to Burglind

Emergency for Axpo grid operations

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Innovation 21.11.2017

Digitalisation advancing fast

How Axpo is shaping the energy future

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Energy market 18.10.2017

Expand crisis-proof data communication

Axpo joins forces with WZ-Systems AG

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Energy market 07.09.2017

Magic with control energy

How fluctuations in production and consumption are managed

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Innovation 14.08.2017

Enormous potential

McKinsey: Opportunities and risks in battery storage systems

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International business 06.07.2017

"No free lunch"

Managing risks in the energy business – an Axpo strength

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International business 23.06.2017

"I am here for the expertise"

The European Energy Workshop in Amsterdam

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International business 15.05.2017

Strong winds at Axpo

From development to marketing

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Innovation 27.04.2017

Interviewing from home

Axpo HR uses time-shifted video interviews for recruiting

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Innovation 30.03.2017

Full of efficient energy

These technical innovations benefit everyone

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Energy market 13.02.2017

Coal is the culprit

The collapse of electricity prices: Commodity prices are to blame

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Energy market 25.10.2016

How Axpo saves electricity

This film explains how Axpo Grids (Assets) supports sustainability

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Energy market 11.09.2016

Magnificent weather for a magnificent piece of work!

Report: Christening of the Muttsee dam

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Energy market 30.08.2016

The dam holds what it promises!

Limmern pumped storage plant: First reservoir filling on the Muttenalp

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