Axpo joins forces with EWS to build the first alpine solar plant in the canton of Schwyz


01.09.2023 - Axpo is planning to construct a 9 MWp ground-mounted plant in the canton of Schwyz together with the local energy company EWS AG. The first alpine plant in the canton will make an important contribution to the winter power supply in the region in the future. Following on from NalpSolar and the solar plant in the Disentis ski resort, the plant in the canton of Schwyz will be the third large-scale solar installation to be implemented by Axpo as part of its solar offensive.

As part of the federal government’s initiative to speed up the construction of solar plants producing a high proportion of winter electricity, Axpo and EWS AG, part of the Axpo Group, want to join forces with landowner Genossame Schwyz to build an alpine solar plant in the municipality of Oberiberg. Alpin Solar Ybrig, a 9 MWp ground-mounted installation, is being planned for an area of around 9 hectares on existing pastureland in the Roggenegg area. The area concerned should still be usable for alpine farming after the construction of the solar plant. The plant should produce 12 gigawatt hours per year, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 2,600 households. EWS AG’s existing distribution grid infrastructure will be used to construct the plant.

An information event for the project was held in the municipality of Oberiberg yesterday. In the coming months, both the municipality and Genossame Schwyz, owner of the land, will vote on the plans and keep residents informed about the project. Following positive voting results, construction of the plant is expected to start in autumn 2024. Initial partial commissioning is planned for the end of 2025 and full commissioning in the following years.

Alpine solar plants supply important winter electricity

Solar installations in higher areas supply lots of electricity, especially in the winter months, as they often lie above the fog and are able to benefit from the reflection of the snow and the colder temperatures.

‘I am delighted that, together with Axpo, we have found a suitable location in the region where, in close coordination with the land owner Genossame Schwyz, we will be able to play a key role in increasing the production of winter electricity in the future. We are confident that by working in close collaboration with the land owner, the local municipality of Oberiberg, environmental associations and the local population, it will be possible to implement this project successfully,’ says Peter Suter, CEO of EWS AG.

‘The plant in the canton of Schwyz will enable us, together with EWS and Genossame Schwyz, to add another project to Axpo’s solar offensive, alongside the other two major solar projects NalpSolar and Ovra Solara Magriel in the Disentis ski resort. By having plants like these in the mountains, as well as ambitious projects in the Swiss Plateau, we want to build more than 1.2 gigawatts of solar capacity in Switzerland and invest further in the development of renewable energies in the country. We need strong partners to do this. We look forward to working with the two partners,’ says Oliver Hugi, Head of Solar Switzerland at Axpo.

Accelerated procedures for more renewable energies

A significant increase in domestic, climate-friendly electricity production is needed to ensure security of supply in Switzerland. This is the only way for Switzerland to fill the gap of around 50 terawatt hours by 2050. However, the approval procedures remain a big challenge. They need to be further simplified and speeded up to ensure that enough renewable energy can be produced. Axpo is having constructive discussions with politicians to advocate for appropriate framework conditions.

Further information about Axpo’s solar offensive:


About Axpo:

Axpo’s ambition is to provide a sustainable future for society through innovative energy solutions. Axpo is Switzerland’s largest producer of renewable energy and an international pioneer in energy trading and the marketing of solar and wind power. The company has more than 6,000 employees who combine experience and expertise with a passion for innovation and the shared search for ever-better solutions. Axpo relies on innovative technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers in over 30 countries in Europe, North America and Asia.


About EWS:

EWS AG ensures the reliable operation of the distribution grid and secure electricity supply for the districts of Gersau and Küssnacht a.R., the municipalities of Ingenbohl, Morschach (Stoos), Oberiberg, Alpthal, Rothenthurm, Steinerberg, Arth (Rigi area) and the neighbouring Lucerne lakeside municipalities of Greppen, Weggis and Vitznau.

Electricity supply is its core business. Alongside this, EWS offers comprehensive energy, grid, installation and communication services throughout its supply area. EWS is a private limited liability company with CKW AG as its majority shareholder. EWS has been established in the inner part of the canton of Schwyz since 1896 and now employs 171 people, 154 of them on a full-time basis. It trains 28 apprentices in seven professions, making it one of the biggest trainers in the region. Its total revenue for the 2021/22 financial year was CHF 82.2 million.


About Genossame Schwyz:

Genossame Schwyz is a public corporation and manages 11 alps and 4 alpine cheese dairies in the municipalities of Schwyz, Oberiberg Unteriberg and Muotathal, which are home to a total of 432 ‘Normalstössen’ (livestock summered on the alps for 100 days). Similarly, 149 apartments are rented out at an affordable price in the municipality of Schwyz, with priority given to cooperative citizens. All cooperative goods and lands belong to the almost 5,000 cooperative citizens in Schwyz. Genossame Schwyz is interested in carbon-neutral energy generation and, among other things, has been a shareholder and granter of building rights at Agro Energie Schwyz since 2006. Agro Energie Schwyz AG supplies around 6,500 households in the Schwyz valley basin with renewable thermal energy, which is primarily generated from fresh wood chips and scrap wood.

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