Axpo offers a wide range of individual products and services.

Our competencies at a glance:

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Our products

The core competences of Axpo in the areas of trading and sales are:

Supply with electricity

Within the physical full supply you will receive all the energy quantities that are needed during the delivery period.

Supply with natural gas

Axpo has its own extensive portfolio of natural gas for physical full supply of your customers as well as for your own requirements.

Marketing of flexibilities

Axpo is operating for you at the near-term markets like spot or reserve market.

Battery storage units

Axpos scope of activities also covers the production, distribution and delivery of battery storage systems.


Axpo offers structured products, portfolio management, marketing of energy, CO2 and green certificates and more.

Long-term price hedging

With its long-term products for electricity and natural gas, Axpo helps you to profit from the current price level and to hedge that level for the future.

Portfolio Managment

Axpo‘s portfolio management specifically focuses on all gists of the economic triangle. This way, your demands and your procurement resp. production portfolio are optimally geared to each other as well as continuously adjusted to the ever-changing market conditions.


Especially for energy-intensive industrial enterprises it gets more and more important to trade CO2 certificates like EU Allowances or Certified Emission Reductions and to acquire renewable energies. Take advantage of our services regarding certificate trading and get your business ready for the future.

Energy trading

Thanks to our long-term experience, we have an excellent knowledge about the opportunities and risks of the trading business. This allows us to optimally address your individual needs and to show you additional profit potentials.