Flex marketing

Where, in the case of generation or consumption installations, there is the possibility of temporarily increasing or decreasing output, this flexibility has value on the trading market. In order to enhance this value for customers, Axpo Deutschland is active on short-term markets such as the spot and reserve markets.

Marketing in the reserve

Revenues can be generated on the reserve markets simply by providing flexibility. Axpo takes care of the bidding and complex processing for you. Depending on the technical (e.g. speed of response), economic (e.g. marginal costs) or process-related (e.g. heat storage) conditions, plant capacities can be used in whole or in part.

Axpo has already been operating a virtual power plant for several years, enabling controllable facilities (e.g. biogas, biomass, hydro and conventional power plants) to be interconnected and marketed in a targeted manner.

Marketing on the spot market

Compared to the reserve, marketing on the spot market (day-ahead/intraday) has gained in importance in recent years. The existing price differences between the individual hours of a day are made use of by shifting the capacity and thus generate added value.

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