The Power of the Sun

Axpo’s commitment to a more sustainable future is making a valuable contribution to the energy transition. The continued expansion of solar energy is an important part of that effort. Axpo’s experienced teams, focused on innovation and technological progress, share a vision, a strong environmental ethos and high standards of customer satisfaction and project management. All underpinned by our belief that social responsibility is essential to the relationships Axpo nurtures with our partners, customers and employees.

Your benefits

Whether you are a local authority, a farmer, a landowner or an energy-intensive company, Axpo can apply our extensive experience and expertise to the successful development of your solar project:

  • Guarantee a competitive price for your electricity 
  • Add value to your land, parking spaces and roof-tops
  • Ensure additional income
  • Contribute do the energy transition by producing green electricity
  • Meet your CSR commitments
  • Promote local job creation

As one of the leading companies in the industry, Axpo has set a target of developing a solar capacity of 10 gigawatts by 2030.

Axpo’s long-term commitment to you

Active across all areas of solar plant development.

Axpo’s expertise covers every stage in the development and operation of a solar project, including the production and supply of electricity from renewable sources and the securing of corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs).

We take care of all the steps necessary to realize your project, from development and construction to operation and maintenance. Always innovative, we offer cutting-edge solutions that meet the specific requirements  of both customer and site. As your preferred business partner, Axpo also acts as the interface with all parties involved throughout the entire life-time of the solar plant.

 Axpo delivers a turnkey project!

For landowners

Leasing land for photovoltaic installations is an ideal way to profit from land. We are also interested in large parking areas for utility scale car-port solutions. Do you have a large piece (> 3 hectares) of land which is suitable for a PV installation? Get in touch!

For offtakers

We offer solutions and terms of cooperation to companies that would like to build renewable energy sources in Germany. We can offer you different types of PPA contracts. After analyzing the available options, our team will provide you with a personalized offer focused on real benefits. Get in touch!

For local developers

Co-developing a photovoltaic project with AXPO limits your exposure during the development phase and provides the support of a solid and knowledgeable partner. Are you looking for a player to be on your side during the development of your projects ? We can exchange on the best way to structure a tailor-made partnership! Get in touch!

Jobs in the solar sector

Solar energy is the fastest growing field of the energy transition – be part of it! Axpo offers exiting jobs and career opportunities in this field.   Working in solar means participating in the implementation of an alternative to fossil fuels and helping to achieve carbon reduction. It means acting directly in favour of the energy transition and participating in the major issues facing our societies today and tomorrow. A career at Axpo opens up many opportunities for you. Joining Axpo means also enjoying a modern environment, good social security and flexible working hours. Want to join us?

Enabling a sustainable future with innovative energy solutions

Our realisations

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Our solar team in Germany works at the following locations: 

The offices are located in:

  • Berlin (Am Wall 9-13 in 13597 Berlin)
  • Leipzig (Mark 16 in 04109 Leipzig)
  • Bremen (Gustav-Weißkopf-Straße 3 in 27777 Ganderkesee)
  • Düsseldorf (Zollhof 10 in 40221 Düsseldorf)

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