Energy-related services

Energy-related services

Political and economic parameters, fluctuating network- and production capacities, volatile commodity prices, climatic influences and fluctuating exchange rates - those are just some of the factors that affect the primary prices of energy and certificates.

Market experience and industry expertise

Our long-term experience at the market as well as our widespread knowledge of the industry make Axpo the ideal partner for distributors, industrial enterprises and operators of power plants that do not intend to leave anything within this area to chance and therefore focus on individual solutions.
A clear strategy is the first step into a successful future. Based on this conviction we offer many further services around energy that can help you to improve your position towards the competition.

Our services include:

  • Portfolio management
  • Balancing group management
  • Shadow portfolio management
  • Market access and information
  • Direct marketing of renewable energies
  • Strategy consultation
  • Sales support
  • Demand-Side management
  • Opimisation of power plant operations
  • Axpo Price (Web portal for procurement and selling of quantities)

Direct marketing of renewable energies

As one of the biggest marketers of wind energy, Axpo offers solutions for the marketing of controllable facilities (Biogas, biomass, hydroelectric) as well as for non-controllable facilities (Wind onshore, offshore) within the limits of the respective applicable Renewable Energies Act (EEG) while guaranteeing additional revenues for your business.

Since direct marketing of renewable energies is possible Axpo is operating in this area and therefore can take advantage of a multi-annual wealth of experience. 

More products


Axpo offers structured products, portfolio management, marketing of energy, CO2 and green certificates and more.

Long-term price hedging

With its long-term products for electricity and natural gas, Axpo helps you to profit from the current price level and to hedge that level for the future.

Marketing of flexibilities

Axpo is operating for you at the near-term markets like spot or reserve market.

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