The liberalised German energy market enables customers to draw not only on standard products but also on many other possibilities to cover their energy demands.
Axpo is able to offer you specific products and services that have been custom tailored to fit your exact needs.

Access to international energy markets

We use our expertise for a structured risk management (Price hedging instruments for electricity and natural gas as well as Cross-Commodity-Derivates).
Axpo also offers you access to the international energy trading which is a core business of the company.
With access to all important wholesale markets in Europe, you are able to widen your action range not only beyond geographical borders but across energy carriers too. This enables you to benefit from all possibilities that exist at the bilateral and stock exchanged energy trading.

In the field of origination we offer

  • Structured products
  • Marketing of energy
  • Long-term products (electricity and natural gas)
  • CO2, EUA's (European Emission Allowances) and green certificates
  • Access to the most important international trade markets
  • Physical options

and further services.

Risk optimised solutions

We would be happy to originate an individual, transparent and risk optimised solution with you that focuses on your preferred procurement strategy and its associated costs. 

More products

Long-term price hedging

With its long-term products for electricity and natural gas, Axpo helps you to profit from the current price level and to hedge that level for the future.

Energy-related services

Our long-term experience at the market as well as our widespread knowledge of the industry make Axpo the ideal partner for distributors, industrial enterprises and operators of power plants.

Marketing of flexibilities

Axpo is operating for you at the near-term markets like spot or reserve market.

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