Axpo in the Baltics

Axpo in the Baltics

Product range in the Baltics

At the moment Axpo Nordic AS is active only in the wholesale and industrial level and does not have retail activities in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Our products in the Baltic market are mainly targeted towards the wholesale energy market players, producers, industry. Those include standard fixed term and price.

We offer a range of contracts; forwards, futures as well as non - standard products in accordance to the customers needs including profiled contracts, options and off take agreements. In addition we are able to tailor the products to our customers needs minimising the risks and maximising the profits.

  • Price Area
    Forwards and CfDs in order to achieve a perfect hedge for consumption or production area as well as physical deliveries in specific area
  • Profile
    Area price according to consumption profile
  • Market Access
    Access the relevant Nord Pool Spot (NPS), Nasdaq OMX (NordPool), Carbon (ICE), etc.
  • Long-term contracts
    Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) are used for securing the future cash-flows of the project. Axpo Nordic is able to provide long term power offtake agreements extending up to 20 years in the future.
  • Price "Ceiling"
    Clients are able to insure against high prices by using the price "ceiling" product. This product allows them to enjoy the low spot prices at the same time as setting a predefined maximum price "ceiling" for the consumed electricity.
  • Flexible
    Optimising the flexible part of generation or consumption using wide range of products and trading strategies. 


  • Spot delivery according to Nord Pool Spot prices
  • Standard Futures contract pricing is based on Nasdaq OMX Commodities quotes
  • Structured products based on all above and OTC market prices
  • In case of spot delivery the fees are calculated according to the transferable costs, notional value, profile, payment terms and any other associated costs.

Contractual standard terms

  • Monthly settlement
  • Payment terms: 20 Days net
  • Collateral amount is subject to credit assessment
  • Commodities:
    - Electricity
    - Guarantees of Origin
    - Emissions
    - Gas and oil products
  • Fixed-term contracts

The Procedure of Investigation of a Customer's Appeal


1. The aim of the procedure of investigation of a Customer’s appeal 
    (hereinafter - Procedure) is to establish a clear and a transparent
    Customer appeal investigation and the presentation of the response.

2. The terms used in this Procedure: 
    Supplier – the independent supplier of electricity Axpo Nordic AS. 

    Customer – any natural person or legal entity of the Republic of
    Lithuania who has concluded the sales-purchase agreement with the

    Customer Contract – the sales-purchase agreement concluded between
    the Supplier and the Customer.

    Appeal – a written application to the Supplier submitted by the Customer
    with regards to the possible breach of his rights or legitimate interests. 


3. The Customer who believes that the Supplier has violated his rights or
    legitimate interests with regards to the Customer Contract, shall firstly 
    apply to the Supplier by means listed in Section 5 of the Procedure, by
    stating complaints and requests.

4. The Customer applying to the Supplier in a written form shall indicate all
    circumstances and provide all documents proving the validity of the 

5. The Appeal is considered as provided in a written form, if it is sent in any
    of the following ways:
    i. By e-mail:;
    ii. By fax: +47 22 018 400;
    iii. By registered mail or courier to the address Tjuvholmen Allé 3, NO-
    0252 Oslo, Norway.

6. The Supplier reserves the right not to investigate any Appeal, where:
    i. There is no name, surname of the Customer indicated and / or it is
    not signed by the Customer or his representative;
    ii. There is no indication of the address to which the Customer requires
        a response to be received or any other contact details;
    iii. The content of the Appeal is illegible or incomprehensible;
    iv. The information provided in the Appeal is offensive or humiliating.

7. When the reasonable Appeal is received, the Supplier shall prepare and
    provide a response to the Customer within 30 calendar days counting
    from the day on which the Appeal was received. The response to the
    Customer shall be provided in the same way as it has been received. If it
    turns out that the response has not reached the addressee, the Supplier
    has the right to send the response in another way, i.e. by using the
    contact details indicated in the Customer Contract.

8. If the Appeal has not been investigated within 30 calendar days due to
   substantiated reasons, the Customer shall be informed by issuing a
   separate notice.


9. If the Supplier does not meet or only partially meets the requirements of
    the Appeal, the Supplier shall provide a written response providing the
    information about the of-court entity that is competent to deal with the
    Appeal according to chapter II of the XXX-Regulation. However, the
    Customer’s appeal to the of-court institution does not deprive his right to
    appeal to the court.



Licenses and memberships

Axpo Nordic AS has an independent supplier’s license in Lithuania issued by Lithuanian National Commission for Energy Control and Prices (license number: L1-71 (NET) 2011-03-18).

Activity License issued by the Estonia Competition Authority.

Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) Trading License (Omsetningskonsesjon) 2015 to 2018 for Axpo Nordic AS

Market participant at Nasdaq OMX Commodities

Market Participant at Nord Pool Spot

Consumer rights protection

Nord Pool Spot trading rules

The comparison of the electricity prices

Consumer rights protection

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