Axpo concludes 10 year physical route-to-market PPA for a wind farm in Poland.

Axpo Polska has agreed to purchase the entire physical energy output generated by the 42 MW Kisielice wind farm over at least a ten year period, as part of a long term Power Purchase Agreement structured on a floating price basis. The transaction includes hedging of a significant proportion of the Polish property rights generated by the project as well. 

Macquarie’s Green Investment Group (GIG) announced the acquisition of the Kisielice wind farm in August. The wind farm, which has been operational since 2014, consists of 21 Enercon E82 turbines and will generate on average enough renewable electricity to power 45,590 homes per year. Flexibility and breadth of Axpo’s product offering helped GIG to expand its European footprint and make its first investment in the rapidly growing Polish renewable energy market.

The transaction underpins Axpo’s role as a leading offtaker of energy from renewable sources in Poland, with the current portfolio comprising over 1GW of installed capacity.

Following the recently announced 43 MW Hornamossen wind farm PPA in the Nordics, this is the second transaction where Axpo have partnered with GIG to deliver comprehensive energy offtake solutions. 

Grzegorz Biliński, Managing Director of Axpo Polska comments: “We are delighted to facilitate GIG’s entry into the Polish market. It has been our mission to develop products and services that allow similar acquisitions to be completed in Poland. We look forward to growing our portfolio even further, and thus contributing to the rapid expansion of the Polish Renewable Sector.

Poland plans to ensure that 21 percent of gross final energy consumed comes from renewable energy sources by 2030. Alongside offshore wind and solar energy, this is creating attractive opportunities for both new and existing onshore wind developments.

Axpo has been present in the Polish market for 18 years now and has become one of the largest independent offtakers of renewable energy. In Poland, clients can benefit from tailor-made PPA, and power supply solutions based on structured long term contracts, power balancing and forecasting, as well as property rights and guarantees of origin trading. Within the past 5 years, Axpo has also expanded its client portfolio in the SME business, reaching as many as 15000 companies.

Axpo is present in 28 countries and active in 39 European markets and the United States. It specializes in innovative energy products for end users, renewable energy producers and other market participants.