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Axpo has been present in the Polish market for 19 years now and has become one of the largest independent offtakers of renewable energy. In Poland, clients can benefit from tailor-made PPA, and power supply solutions based on structured long-term contracts, power balancing and forecasting, as well as property rights and guarantees of origin trading. Within the past 6 years, Axpo has also expanded its client portfolio in the SME business, reaching as many as 15.000 companies.

Three numbers in Poland we are proud of:




years of experience

15 000+


For small and medium business

We have the plan that can perfectly fit the needs of your company and help you contain energy costs.

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For large business and energy producers

Do you work for an energy supply company? Are you interested in energy services for industries or energy producers? Axpo offers energy solutions specifically tailored to the needs of origination customers.

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Stories full of energy

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Renewable energy

Solar power from the greenhouse

What raspberries, weather and power production have in common

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Energy market

How is electricity generated?

Electricity is generated in a variety of ways. Whether hydropower or nuclear energy, wind or solar energy, each form of production has its strengths and weaknesses. Do you know them?

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Renewable energy

Run-of-river hydropower – in simple terms

Hydropower supplies around 60 percent of the energy produced in Switzerland. This is good, because electricity from hydropower is renewable, indigenous, reliable and climate-friendly (CO2-free).

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Renewable energy

Urbasolar is building a 5-MWp solar plant near Toulouse

13,888 floating solar panels

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Media releases

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Hydropower 17.03.2020

KSL: Year of production above average

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Hydropower 17.03.2020

KLL increased production

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Solar energy 04.03.2020

Axpo to build solar plants for Paris airports

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