The power behind power

What powers the television at home, the lights that brighten our streets, or the smartphones connecting the world? A reliable source of energy. We run and maintain the complex systems delivering power so that millions of people can watch their favourite shows, drive on well-lit streets, text loved ones, and live a life of uninterrupted energy.

Axpo Nordic

Axpo’s approach is to have a local presence – with local specialists – and to serve customers such as producers, consumers, retailers and other participants in the energy markets on site.  Axpo Nordic is part of the Swiss energy group, Axpo. Axpo Nordic is based in Oslo and has subsidiaries in Malmö and Helsinki. The team has extensive experience from trading and origination in the Nordic/Baltic region and Europe. The company was established in 2003 and today we are one of the largest traders on the Nordic and Baltic markets. 

Being part of the Axpo Group, the largest energy company in Switzerland, serves many advantages. We can keep our entrepreneurial mindset acting swiftly towards our customers and at the same time benefit from the stability of a large group with both broad and deep competence.

"The energy market is exciting and ever changing. Which is why I am certain that our experienced team, with their curiosity and competence, will play a key role in the future of renewable energy."
Håkon Røhne, Managing Director Axpo Nordic

The Power of Renewables

Axpo has more than 5,000 MW of installed renewable energy capacity across Europe and markets a customer portfolio totalling 19,700 MW of energy from renewable sources. Our activities in this field include wind energy, photovoltaics, biomass and hydropower. In Spain, for example, Axpo manages one of the country's largest renewable energy portfolios of around 8,550 MW. Reinforced by the know-how of our subsidiary Volkswind, Axpo is also one of the largest wind farm developers in Germany and France. In photovoltaics, we are also a major international player, harnessing the expertise and skill of our subsidiary Urbasolar.

In Switzerland, Axpo is the largest producer of renewable energy, including the generation of more than half of the country’s renewable electricity from hydropower. 

Further information about the Axpo Group

Strategy & values

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For Axpo, sustainability is an important part of daily business. Axpo is an attractive employer and committed to society.

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You can find a map with all the detailed addresses of locations in Europe and the USA here.

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Axpo Group Organisation

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