Line conversion in the Schaffhausen and Klettgau (Germany) area


12.09.2019 - Axpo is gradually converting its regional distribution grid from 50 kV to 110 kV. Reconstruction work on the line between the Eglisau substation and Wilchingen is necessary to accommodate the higher operating voltage. The regions of Schaffhausen and Klettgau (Germany) will benefit from a powerful grid and reliable power supply.

The existing 50-kV overhead line between the Eglisau substation and Wilchingen is 12 km long and runs through the German municipalities of Hohentengen and Griessen and the Swiss towns of Wilchingen and Wasterkingen in the area of Schaffhausen. About 9 kilometres are located on German territory. The volt-age increase to 110 kV requires adaptation to the line and power masts, primarily involving the replacement of insulators and mast cross arms. Four masts located in the town of Wilchingen must be com-pletely replaced. The transmission line and the ground cable can be retained.

Reconstruction work started in May 2019. The ground for the mast foundations has been excavated. Work on the masts for insulator replacement will be carried out in the towns of Griessen, Wasterkingen and Hohentengen from the beginning of September to the end of October 2019 and in the area of Wilch-ingen from May to August 2020.

More grid projects in the Schaffhausen region

In the course of the voltage conversion from 50 to 110 kV in the region of Schaffhausen, the line be-tween Neuhausen and Rafz is in the last phase of reconstruction. The project for the voltage increase on the line between Neuhausen and Wilchingen is currently in the planning phase.

Conversion will increase transmission capacities and reduce grid losses by 75 per cent. At the same, grid infrastructure is regularly optimised and adapted to the changing framework conditions. Conversion re-quires an individual, specific approach for each grid component. The best solution is always evaluated keeping in mind applicable legal requirements and current practice, as well as spatial development, technological, environmental and economic efficiency aspects. In the long term, the measures make a vital contribution to reliable, sustainable energy supply throughout Northeastern Switzerland.

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