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Our local team in Greece is a fully integrated part of Axpo’s international business, headquartered in Switzerland. As a market-leader in risk management and renewable energy solutions, with a customer portfolio of 16,600 MW in Europe, we help optimise the entire electricity value chain by leveraging the Group’s Europe-wide expertise, resources and infrastructure. Working closely with customers, producers, investors and resellers, we offer bespoke services to help manage energy-related risk and transition Greece towards green energy solutions.

While hydrocarbons will remain a feature of the energy landscape for some years to come, the new regulatory market model introduced in Greece in November 2020, has generated both opportunities and challenges for producers and consumers alike. With increasing competition, volatile wholesale prices and unpredictable balancing costs, Axpo is ideally positioned to be your trusted partner in Greece, drawing on our experience across more mature markets. Our bespoke solutions assist market participants to access the trading markets, manage price risks and optimise growth within the renewable energy space.

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Energy Supply Optimisation

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Route-to-Market and Balancing Services

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Long-term Power Purchase Agreement for Renewable Infrastructure

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Wholesale Energy Trading

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