Transforming potential into power

Axpo brings together the experience and expertise of more than 5,000 employees who are driven by a passion for innovation, collaboration and making positive change. Using cutting-edge technologies, Axpo innovates to meet the evolving needs of its customers in more than 30 countries across Europe, North America and Asia. Today, Axpo is Switzerland's largest producer of renewable energy and an international leader in energy trading and the marketing of solar and wind power.

Our culture

The future of energy demands an innovative culture. Our people thrive in an environment that cultivates expertise, leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit, offering endless opportunities to learn, grow, collaborate and excel.

We are reliable

Our consistent results reflect the quality of our work and our commitment to customers. Headquartered in Switzerland but with an international presence, Axpo stands for reliability, quality and sustainability.

We act sustainably

Our commitment to supporting the development of a sustainable future has made us the largest producer of renewable energies in Switzerland. We believe it’s a privilege and an obligation to respect people and nature in the pursuit of innovative and sustainable energy solutions. 

We are innovative

The foundations of our reliable energy supply are strengthened by the expertise of our people and the power of our technology. With Hydro 4.0 and Grid 4.0, Axpo focuses on innovation to leverage digitalisation opportunities in hydropower and distribution. With our analytical skills, resilience and ability to assess risks, we’re shaping the future of energy trading and distribution for our customers.

We celebrate growth

Our competitive advantage stems from an environment that encourages constant learning and development. We are proactive, committed to shaping change and proud of our strong leadership. This enables us to respond quickly and decisively to new challenges, work efficiently towards our corporate goals, and continuously sharpen our knowledge and expertise.

We embrace diversity

Our innovative spirit is deeply ingrained in the diversity of our people and their skills. With employees from around 60 different countries working in a wide variety of professional fields, we strive to create gender-balanced workspaces that foster an atmosphere of respect and inclusiveness.

We are socially responsible

Respectful interactions create trust. We communicate openly, honestly and considerately with all our stakeholders. As an international company, Axpo is committed to taking resolute and proactive action to make a broader, more positive impact wherever it operates.

A broad range of exciting career opportunities 

Axpo operates along the entire energy value chain, offering careers in trading and sales, power production and distribution, and services. Discover more about everything Axpo does: we hope you’ll be inspired to join us.

Trading and sales

We specialise in trading and distributing energy products and services in Europe, Asia and North America. Our activities include marketing the electricity produced by Axpo, trading on international energy exchanges and creating tailored solutions – like power purchase agreements (PPAs) – for business customers.

Our analysts work closely with traders to develop short, medium, and long-term trading strategies based on market news, data and models. Along with exceptional analytical skills, our analysts have comprehensive knowledge about quantitative methods and are highly skilled at identifying key emerging trends.

We rely on our highly efficient IT system and expert IT professionals to draw insights from enormous volumes of data each day. The use of cutting-edge technologies, such as cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence, further enables us to build energy solutions for the future.

As entrepreneurial thinkers, we understand the value of a modern and professionally implemented risk management system. Axpo has a large team of highly qualified risk specialists whose diverse expertise in various fields – including the financial sector –is put to good use in the energy business.

Combining insightful analysis with service-oriented relationships, Axpo’s originators translate complex customer needs into specific energy products and bespoke solutions across the sector.

Our traders possess strong analytical skills, a high level of risk awareness and exceptional risk management capabilities. Operating from various European hubs, they trade a diverse range of energy products including electricity, natural gas, biomass, oil and coal, as well as CO2 and green certificates for energy from renewable sources. 

Power production and distribution

The safe and reliable operation of Axpo’s power plants and distribution grids lies in the skilled hands of our generation and distribution teams. As evolving energy demands and technological advances continue to drive the world’s transition to renewable energies, we empower and encourage our people to lead this shift through innovative approaches and technical expertise.

Operating our power plants safely, reliably and in an environmentally responsible manner is our highest priority. This commitment can be seen clearly across all our operations, from large-scale hydropower and pumped storage, small hydropower and wind power, to biomass and photovoltaics, nuclear power and gas. Working with Axpo’s electrical and technical systems, our operations and maintenance teams ensure the security of our energy supply. Engineers with experience in new energies, hydropower and nuclear power operate and maintain our existing power plants and facilities. They are also responsible for planning and implementing new projects. Their strong technical skills and entrepreneurial spirit are well-suited to building a future of innovation and change.

Our network engineers are involved in the operation, maintenance and construction of networks for Axpo and third-party companies. These tasks demand know-how in electrical engineering, a systematic approach, empathy for customer needs and a focus on results.

Our data scientists drive the digital transformation of our production facilities and networks. With large volumes of data to fuel data analytics and predictive maintenance, we can optimise our existing business streams and unlock new business areas. The future of efficient energy production and supply depends on data. Our data scientists are leading the way by applying their knowledge and experience to create innovative solutions.


Experience and expertise work together at Axpo. Our services team focuses primarily on corporate functions, finance and management and support their operational colleagues with digitalisation, innovation management, and corporate strategy. Their specialist know-how and communication skills allow them to respond swiftly to the needs of internal business partners and guide them through change processes.

Our financial specialists work in accounting, treasury, risk management, tax, procurement, insurance, project management and corporate information management with a focus on optimising, automating and digitalising processes.

Our management team offers support and consultation across areas such as strategy & energy economics, partnering & investing, compliance & ethics, human resources, legal & regulatory, communications & public affairs, transformation & technology. Their entrepreneurial mindset and leadership skills enable them to support internal and external stakeholders.