Wind energy, PPA

Power Purchase Agreement - PPA

PPAs are a great way to offset price risk. The client is not only able to choose a fixed power price, but also the volume and duration of the contract. Axpo has a unique position which allows us to offer among the market’s most attractive PPA contracts. A PPA is an investment into a greener future as it helps realise further renewable projects. Axpo is off taker to more than 25% of the wind power production in Norway, Sweden and Finland and can tailor a PPA to your needs.

What is a PPA?

This 5 minute clip explains what a PPA is, how it works, why it is used and why it can be beneficial for you. The video also highlights how Axpo can help reduce risk when signing a PPA.

Your trusted PPA partner

Axpo has been active in PPAs for over a decade, and in energy markets for over a century. We are your ideal partner for individual risk management solutions.

Primary prices for energy and certificates (GoO’s) are affected by everything from political and economic parameters, grid factors, production capacities, volatile commodity prices, climatic influences, exchange rates and more. It is a rocky market to navigate, which is why securing future power prices through Axpo and our innovative products will bring predictability to your company’s energy bills.  Reducing and sharing risks in the energy markets brings more renewable projects to life. It boosts our way forward into a greener future.  

What Axpo can offer within PPA:

Axpo can offer PPA solutions for all types of players in the energy market, such as large consumers, wind and solar producers, among many others.

We can offer everything from standard financial hedges to advanced solutions with cap and floor options.

  • Secure income
  • Long-term pricing risk in a volatile market
  • A strong and reliable counterparty
  • Our contracts are bankable
  • Quick process with swift pricing 
  • Flexible delivery times
  • Long-term tenors and large volumes
  • All price areas

Corporate PPA

Are you a company looking to be carbon neutral or just include more renewables in your energy consumption mix? Axpo is able to offer various shades of green energy depending on your needs.

By choosing a corporate PPA you will be adding renewable production to your consumption mix and contribute to a greener world. At the same time, you receive a secure and fixed price for your power consumption. Axpo has a vast portfolio of renewable power which is readily available, and more that will come in the future. We know how to address and handle any potential risks around a corporate PPA. All corporate PPA contracts signed with Axpo are proven and bankable.

Contact our origination team

Whatever energy solution you require, our skilled origination team can provide you with competent support. Contact us to discuss your needs and let us explain what we can do for you in a personal meeting. The possibilities are endless.

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