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We supply energy to 25,000 customers throughout Poland. With a wide range of ancillary products, our advisers offer solutions that also reduce our customers' energy consumption.

  • Sales

Our managers lead a network of Authorised Partners who operate throughout Poland and support the goals set for our Advisors on a daily basis. They successfully increase the number of satisfied customers and help to offer the most advantageous and personalised conditions of cooperation. These goals are also supported by our internal sales department and e-commerce team.

  • Sales support

The sales support team assists our advisers on a daily basis –  both in client meetings and with contract processing. They make our processes comprehensive and efficient, thus enhancing the quality of our cooperation with both partners and clients.

The Origination team has two main streams of activity. The first is the corporate and industrial customers to whom we supply energy. The second is renewable energy producers from whom we collect this energy. Within a few years we have managed to become one of the largest independent recipients of renewable energy in Poland.

  • Operation Small & Medium Enterprises
The operations SME department takes over the implementation of customer service from the moment the contract is signed. They operate in many areas: from checking the correctness of the contract to entering it into the system, settling customer consumption and answering all of our customers' questions.
  • Operation Origination

This department supports the implementation of contracts with strategic customers such as industrial end-users and renewable energy producers. The team is involved in key stages of the contract lifecycle – including implementation and checking the correctness of its implementation in systems and monthly settlements. It is responsible for the flow of key data in forecasting items for the entire portfolio, including the SME business. It cooperates closely not only with the ‘front team’, the Origination team, but also with Portfolio Management, Risk Management and Business Analyst teams. The team is also involved in international projects in the Mid Office area.

  • IT

The team takes on the challenge of developing our IT systems on a daily basis. They bring innovative sales and customer service solutions to life. In addition, they carry out business analysis to help develop and shape the business we run.

That is, the daily analysis of the European markets – and above all the Polish market – in terms of the development of energy, gas or property rights prices on commodity exchanges, and the adoption of appropriate strategies for the purchase and sale of these products. Thanks to the Portfolio Management team, we are one of the largest trading companies on the Polish Power Exchange.

This is where the market strategies of the entire Axpo group are analysed in constant contact with traders across Europe. The Risk Center tracks the profits and losses of the individual departments, advises on exposures and reports on potential risks, and contributes innovative solutions for new technologies and data management. The Risk Centre is above all a bridge between the company's front desk and its management.

The marketing team has its contribution wherever the recipients are – from customers to advisers as well as to the company's employees and all possible media where Axpo appears. It is responsible for positioning our company on the market and in the eyes of every person who comes into contact with the brand – including yours. In addition, the department is involved in all sales and development projects of the company.

The administration team is responsible for the complete office service, including its rental, equipment and supplies. Under its care are contacts and contracts with office suppliers. It also takes care of security issues. It handles administrative processes, such as the correspondence and documents flow and support for the invoice process. It coordinates issues related to the company car fleet and business trips. It also works with the HR and Marketing team on onboarding, employer branding and employee benefits.

Audits, analyses, statements and a huge responsibility for settlements. This department additionally manages every contract carried out on behalf of our company.

This is where our so-called cash flow and reporting to the Swiss headquarters are controlled. They cooperate closely with the accounting and sales departments.