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Axpo Iberia (EGL Energía Iberia until October 1, 2012) started operating in Portugal in 2010 as a subsidiary of the European energy supplier, EGL - currently the Axpo Group. It is headed up by Ignacio Soneira and has 80 employees.

Axpo Iberia belonging to the Axpo energy group, a leading energy company in Switzerland with subsidiaries across Europe, opens office in Lisbon in 2017.

For over a decade, the company has gradually expanded its business lines in Spain and Portugal, and currently provides a wide range of services: electricity and gas supply; energy management for renewable energy and cogeneration producers; commodities, biomass and CO2 trading.

Axpo Iberia also boasts its own generation assets across the Peninsula, with a 46% stake in the La Peñuca wind farm in the province of Burgos, which has an installed capacity of 33 MW.

As one of the most active companies in the Iberian energy market, Axpo Iberia has been able to establish itself as a leading energy supplier to major end consumers. More than 7 TWh of energy is supplied to industrial and SME customers per annum through a range of flexible and tailor-made products – linked to national and international energy markets – which has enabled Axpo Iberia to gain an excellent reputation for service quality and supply transparency.

Axpo Iberia operates on the energy futures market, and is a member of the OMIP Derivatives Exchange (Iberian Energy Market Operator, OMIE). It also enters into trading agreements (PPA) with renewable energy producers and sells electricity on the Spanish electricity market, OMIE.

Axpo Iberia currently handles the largest portfolio of renewable energy and cogeneration facilities in Spain, with an installed capacity of over 7,500 MW (primarily comprising wind farms, cogeneration plants and small hydroelectric facilities), achieving significant savings in output deviation penalties for producers, and offering interesting products for mitigating market risk.

Since 2012, Axpo Iberia manages its own dispatching center offering a wide range of monitoring and control services to its customers.

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