Dispatching Center


CECOGEL - Centro de Control y Operación de Generación Eléctrica (Power Generation Control and Load Dispatching Centre)

Axpo Iberia SL owns the largest Control Centre (approved by REE) on the Spanish Electricity Market, developed internally by the Axpo Group, a European expert on electrical control systems, energy technology and a real time operator on the European markets.

Our main objectives are to:

  • Help our clients fulfil the legislation in force applicable to the special system facilities
  • Fully satisfy the needs of our clients with the highest levels of quality
  • Develop new products and services adapted to the needs of our clients
  • Increase the availability and income of the facilities and substations connected to our Control Centre

Axpo Iberia SL offers its services to clients across the country and all types of power generation facilities, whether wind farms; electrical transformer substations; hydraulic, thermo solar, photovoltaic, cogeneration or biomass power plants. In addition, CECOGEL is able to monitor any production plant throughout the whole world.

The Control Centre gathers the signals sent by the affiliated producers and sends them to REE, offering real-time information on the production of each special system centre. At the same time it receives the production modification values from REE and sends them to the affiliated plants, guaranteeing the correct adjustment between supply and demand across the country. 


Main services

At the cutting edge of technological innovation

The Power Generation Control and Load Dispatching Centre (CECOGEL) of Axpo Iberia SL is certified by REE in compliance with the legislation in force and provides services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including the following:

  • Control centre services - remote measurement and load dispatching
  • Substation monitoring, control and operation
  • Gathering and handling of information in real time
  • Monitoring and control of communication equipment
  • Daily, weekly and monthly operation reports
  • Real-time plant status and production monitoring
  • Value-added services for producers and consumers
  • Simulation of tests on manageability certification and participation in complementary services
  • Regulation zone (secondary), tertiary and services management
  • Substation reset and wind farm machinery start-up in real time
  • Remote control and operation of facilities
  • Electrical power production assets management and optimisation tool
  • Monitoring of production plants across the world

Real-time control system

The real-time control system of Axpo Iberia SL offers its clients the following differentiating solutions:

  • High availability, based on standard redundant technology (adapted to the main communication protocols such as Modbus, IEC-60870-5-102, IEC-60870-5-104, OPC, etc.) being a robust, adaptable and evolutionary solution

  • Secure communication between the facilities and Control Centre as it takes place through VPNs, ensuring confidentiality in the transfer of information

  • Improvement in the performance of the plants and substations, optimising the distribution of the limitations (values) for plants connected to the same hub (24/7 response time and availability to all clients)

  • Client access to a website (private extranet) that allows the monitoring of the facilities production and the reception of the main signals, online and in real time

  • Daily reports which include the productions, limitations, alarms and operating information, also available on the website

  • Integrated tool (own design) for real-time optimisation of the operation, management and productivity of the production facilities (X-REM) 



Whatever the energy solution you require, we can offer professional, in-depth support. We would be happy to discuss what we can do for you in a personal meeting.