Strategy & values

Our values

Axpo is committed to sustainability, reliability and innovation. As a company, we take responsibility for meeting the high expectations of all stakeholders. Our values are what guide us in this. 

We are sustainable

Our actions are aligned with environmental, social and economic objectives. We treat people and the environment with respect. Long-term profitability ensures our flexibility and competitiveness. 

We are innovative

Our thoughts and actions are shaped by the constant search for solutions to meet the energy needs of our customers. We develop and provide corresponding products and services.

We are reliable

As a Swiss energy company, we are committed to safety, quality and longevity. We have strong local roots but are also active internationally. 

Our purpose

Since Axpo was first founded, we have been improving continuously for the benefit of our markets, customers and stakeholders. We live in an environment marked by change. It is more important than ever to be adaptable: customers are calling for new solutions, stakeholders are demanding sustainability, and innovative technologies are challenging the status quo.

We face these challenges head on each day – through the diversity and expertise of more than 6,000 employees, through close relationships with customers and partners (including across international borders) and through the use of the latest technologies.


We enable a sustainable future by providing innovative energy solutions.


That is what drives us. That is our purpose. 

We enable a sustainable future by providing innovative energy solutions

Our mission

By aligning our daily work with our purpose, we want to create value for society and the economy, as well as for customers, employees and shareholders:

  • As a reliable provider of environmentally friendly and renewable energy, we are helping to drive the transformation to a CO2-free society.
  • With our entrepreneurial spirit, our broad-based international presence and our strong roots in Switzerland, we offer our customers innovative energy solutions.
  • We offer our employees exciting and meaningful prospects and create long-term value for our shareholders.


Our owners, the cantons of north-eastern Switzerland, founded Axpo (known as Nordostschweizerische Kraftwerke NOK up to 2001) as a producer and network operator in order to foster economic growth and the prosperity of the community. Today, we are active in over 30 countries and 40 markets. Axpo is Switzerland’s largest producer of renewable energy, as well as an international leader in energy trading and the marketing of solar and wind power.

We pursue a clear growth strategy. Internationally, the company focuses on the development of renewable energy sources and its large customer and trading business. Within Switzerland, Axpo is building on its leading role in the transition to a carbon-free energy future. In addition to hydropower, wind and solar energy, we also invest in battery storage systems and hydrogen.

Axpo Strategic Pillars

Energy supply

Contribute significantly to a secure energy supply system.

Renewable energies

Advance the energy transition and build up renewables.

Customer and trading business

Grow the customer business with energy trading solutions.