Corporate PPA

100% renewable is becoming more and more the standard for industrial customers. We offer solutions in the field of green electricity procurement for major customers, depending on their needs.

Your benefits

  • Procurement of renewable energy and reduction of the CO2 footprint through lower emissions.
  • Enhance your brand through its alignment as a sustainable industrial company.
  • Risk management against volatile and/or rising electricity prices without prior capital requirement.
  • Procurement from any location

Off-site physical corporate PPA

In a physical PPA, the electricity is fed into the Polish or European grid. Axpo physically supplies the customer with the corresponding quantities at the respective PPA price.

* of the plant ** Guarantee of Origin


Off-site virtual corporate PPA

In a virtual PPA, also known as a financial PPA, the customer and Axpo agree a PPA price. In addition, the customer has a physical supply contract with Axpo. At the end of each month, Axpo and the customer each settle the difference between the agreed PPA price and the spot market price (Contract for Differences CfD).

* of the plant ** Guarantee of Origin


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