Axpo Price

Axpo Price offers retailers a tool where they can easily and quickly hedge a fixed price contract when selling to end users. The platform also calculates and hedges the right amount of elcertificates and the cost of selling this, all of this is based on the end users profile. This is all only one click away.

Our unique price- and risk tool for retailers

The volatility of the power market prices in recent years, together with squeezed margins, has highlighted the risks within retail power sales. A key to reducing risk is increasing the efficiency of pricing and hedging. For a long time Axpo has offered and developed Axpo Price, an online pricing and hedging tool that gives you the ability to optimally manage these risks. With Axpo Price you can calculate real time prices and hedge within seconds. You can also price different customer profiles, in any preferred currency, throughout the Nordic region. 

Manage these risks in a simple click:

  • Price risk for electricity
  • Price risk for Elcertificates
  • Price area risk (EPAD)
  • Currency risk
  • Majority of the profile risk

If you would like to find out more about Axpo Price and how it might benefit you and your business. Please contact our origination team, we would be happy to help you.

Contact our origination team

Whatever energy solution you require, our skilled origination team can provide you with competent support. Contact us to discuss your needs and let us explain what we can do for you in a personal meeting. The possibilities are endless.

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