The Italian subsidiary of Axpo Group providing Energy Solutions

The underlying objective of Axpo Italia's business activities, as subsidiary of the Axpo Group, is to bring an international experience to the local market through one of the most dynamic sector operators, creating value in the Italian energy supply chain. 

Energy procurement determines a company’s competitiveness. That’s why Axpo offers standard energy products as well as energy solutions, certificates and services that are specifically tailored to the needs of our customers (origination). You benefit from our extensive experience in energy trading, risk management and market analysis as well as from Axpo’s presence throughout Europe.

Today, Axpo has established a prominent presence on the Italian market in various sectors, as highlighted in its business model.

  • Trading and selling power and gas
  • Selling of power and gas to SME and households
  • Portfolio Management of Industrials
  • Energy Procurement and Asset Optimisation of Energy Producers

In pursuing its own objectives, Axpo Italia adheres to a series of values that define business activities for the entire Axpo Group. Reliability, sustainability and Innovation guide our decisions, as they are the basis for our success on European markets.

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The Italian subsidiary of Axpo Group providing Management, Operation and Maintenance Services to CCPS

Axpo Servizi Produzione Italia's activity is to manage and coordinate the entire Operation & Maintenance as full service provider for the two Italian gas-fired power plants, thereby creating value through scale effects.

Optimised procurement determines a company’s competitiveness. That’s why Axpo has decided to insource the responsibility for significant parts of the maintenance activities and to group the entire personnel linked to the operation of the power plants in Axpo Servizi Produzione Italia in order to reduce its cost and increase its control on quality and execution.

Today Axpo Servizi Produzione Italia offers a large range of services based on long experience of its team (formerly EGL's and Axpo Italia's Asset Division) on:

  • Permitting management
  • Tender preparation
  • EPC selection
  • Management of installation phase
  • Operation & Maintenance



Asset in Italy

From combined cycle power plants to a wind farm

1.800 MW from combined cycles in Italy

Power plants of Calenia Energia and Rizziconi Energia

66 MW from the wind farm WinBis