How Axpo practices sustainability

Sustainability-Linked Bond Framework

Axpo Italia considers respect for the environment to be an integral part of the corporate development policy. For this reason, adopting the best available technology, which allows for high-energy efficiency and reduced environmental impact, is a priority and a market opportunity.

The production of electricity in Switzerland and abroad is characterized by a reduction in CO2 emissions, protecting the climate and the environment. Axpo’s energy generation in Europe is made up of hydro, nuclear, combined cycles as well as an ever-increasing amount that is covered by renewable energy resources, especially biomass, wind farms (in Spain and Italy) and photovoltaic systems. In large production plants, hydropower systems have a low environmental impact; Axpo is one of the leading producers of hydropower in Switzerland.

In Italy, power plants are combined cycle plants fueled by natural gas with certified emission levels emitting at below those allowed by European legislation. The reduced environmental impact involves a process of continuous improvement with periodic cycles of analysis and verification, along with institutions that participate and monitor.

Axpo believes in new forms of renewable energy and is a leading producer of electricity from renewable energy resources in Switzerland. Main investments include the conversion of biomass, mini-hydro and geothermal extraction. For the future we are already planning new projects and investments in renewable energy.

In order to widely spread information and promote environmental matters related to the energy market, Axpo Italia organizes several annual events related to issues regarding energy efficiency, such as conferences and workshops, as well as providing editorial material that covers this topic.

Green Bond Framework

The net proceeds of the Axpo Green Bond in the amount of CHF 133 million will be used to finance projects in the photovoltaic and wind energy sectors. Axpo is thus strengthening its position as the largest Swiss producer of renewable energies and expanding its circle of investors.

ESG Corporate Rating

Axpo has received an ESG rating of "C+" from ISS ESG. This means that Axpo is among the top 20 percent of the companies investigated in the relevant sector.