Energy trading

Trading on the electricity and gas markets

Axpo: trading markets

Axpo Italia, thanks to its European experience, can be considered as one of the main Italian players oriented towards energy trading activities. Axpo has been working on the OTC market and, in Italy, is active on the IDEX futures market, on the IPEX spot and gas markets (PSV, MGAS e PB-GAS).

Trading of environmental certificates

Axpo is also active in trading environmental certificates (white, CO2, etc.). In fact, thanks to its experience in trading certificates, is therefore a reliable partner for companies that are required to certify, as well as for renewable energy producers, offering the best market conditions. There is also a voluntary system of certification and promotion of energy generated from renewable sources. The certificates in this case are the CO-FER (Certificate for the Renewable Source Origin).

Trading, Active Portfolio Management and Risk Management

With its strong trading activity, Axpo wants demand and offer to meet on a transparent and liquid market, the result is system efficiency, cost controlling and guarantees for the next investment. Moreover, Axpo Italia is able to offer its client’s structured products and optimal management of its procurement portfolio, coordinating trading and commercial activity thanks to outstanding skills in risk management.

Axpo’s research center uses several qualitative and quantitative models while monitoring economic and political developments. The result is a forecast for energy prices and CO2 certificates as well as trend developments.

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Axpo continues to rank among the worldwide best companies in energy trading: In the most recent survey by the trade magazines „Risk“ and „Energy Risk“ the company was voted the number 1 in numerous categories. As in the previous year, Axpo is the leader among power trading companies in Europe and individual countries, and achieved top ranks in gas trading. Once again, the outstanding performance demonstrates that the consistent expansion of international presence and business activities that began years ago is bearing fruit.

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