Axpo Research

Axpo Energy Markets Analysis Department

The Axpo Group is particularly active in studying and analyzing European energy markets. This cutting-edge research, carried out by a team of specialists, is the basis for trading and business development in other countries. Some of the information gathered and commented on by Axpo analysts, is available to clients.

European Energy Markets Monthly (EEMM)

Axpo’s Energy Market Analysis Department develops the European Energy Markets Monthly (EEMM) on a monthly basis, which addresses the European energy market trends.

The report is sent out as a newsletter every month and provides detailed information of the developments and forecasts on the Italian market. It also allows readers to compare this data with key indicators on other European markets.

Our Expertise

Specialized in Energy trading

Axpo Italia is one of the Italian energy operators that are more oriented towards energy trading. We are active on the OTC market, IDEX futures markets, EPEX spot and gas markets (PSV, GAS and PB-GAS).

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Axpo named best power trader in the world

Axpo continues to rank among the worldwide best companies in energy trading: In the most recent survey by the trade magazines "Risk" and "Energy Risk" the company was voted the number 1 in numerous categories. As in the previous year, Axpo is the leader among power trading companies in Europe and individual countries, and achieved top ranks in gas trading. Once again, the outstanding performance demonstrates that the consistent expansion of international presence and business activities that began years ago is bearing fruit.

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