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Creating an energy saving culture: by organizing conferences and creating publications on energy issues of a national and international scale, sponsorship of events of a cultural significance and social value.

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Our goal is to contribute to the energy debate and actively participate with seminars as well as publications to spread knowledge and information. This is why we promote the production and distribution of content.

Energy dialogue - the political debate

Climate change, decarbonisation and the associated energy issues represent a major global challenge. The decommissioning of fossil fuel and nuclear power plants is offset by a hesitant expansion of renewables and rising consumption. The issue affects us all. Because: If the secure supply of electricity is endangered, our lives come to a standstill. 

For Axpo there are no black-and-white answers to the open questions in energy and climate policy. Sustainable solutions can only be found together. This is why Axpo is committed to an energy dialogue without blinkers and is conducting it with politicians from all sides. Click here to go to our dialogue platform:

Energy knowledge

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Nuclear energy: Reliable base load energy

How electricity is produced by nuclear fission in nuclear power plants, which nuclear power plants belong to Axpo and how their safety is assessed.

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Grids: For a secure supply of electricity

Electricity comes out of the socket, of course! But how does it get there, what do Axpo’s networks have to do with it, and why do we use drones?

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Beznau nuclear power plant: climate-friendly electricity

The Beznau nuclear power plant is Switzerland's first nuclear power plant. Read about how safe it is, who operates it and what these people think here.

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Renewable energy 05.08.2021

Stirring things up with a really big spoon

Hydrogen projects – Australia, Oman, Spain and Germany moving forward

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Renewable energy 02.08.2021

Technical potential of 9 to 11 GW

New study for photovoltaics on infrastructure in Switzerland

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Renewable energy 30.07.2021

Swiss Grand Canyon

En route in "Axpoland": Through the wild Rhine Gorge

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