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Our online services, tutorials, FAQs and guides are available so that you can better manage your electricity and gas supply.

MyAxpo is an area dedicated to all of Axpo’s clients, available also through the MyAxpo app. For large enterprises and energy producers, we have developed special services to meet with specific needs.

Find out about what we can offer you and help you with any info you may need regarding bills, payments, usage, meter readings and more.

Your bill and self gas reading online on MyAxpo

Many other options are available on MyAxpo to manage your power and gas contract.

The smart Bill: it's interactive and available online

You can save €1 on each bill you receive if you decide to go paperless (online). Through MyAxpo, you can download a copy of all your bills and view a simplified version of costs: our Smart Bill

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Send in your gas reading online or through the app

Prefer not to have any surprises at the end of the year? Send in the reading every month through your personal area: MyAxpo. This way you will always receive a bill with an up to date usage.

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Check your consumption and choose the easiest way to pay your bill

Italian TV Tax is not part of your electricity bill

Here’s what to do if you don’t have a TV

Want to track your usage of electricity and gas?

Select one or more POD / PDR and view an interactive graph and a table with values divided in ranges. Sign in to MyAxpo in the “Consumption” section. Download consumption data in Excel format

Want to know how to pay a bill?

Direct debit, at the bank, at the post office or by credit card (only for residential clients). Fill out the direct debit request form on MyAxpo.