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MyAxpo personal area online

Through your personal area you can: 

  • View energy consumption charts
  • Send us your gas meter reading by simply forwarding us a photo from your smartphone
  • Read your simplified "Smart" bills
  • Download your bills which are sent via email every 2 months
  • Update your profile
  • Send in a service request 24 hours a day 

First time user? Here’s how to register with MyAxpo

Follow these easy steps to get registered

To register as a new user, please fill out the online registration form on MyAxpo.
You will need your customer ID, which you can find in the welcome letter you
received as well as in the invoices and your VAT number or social security

You will also be asked to confirm your cell number and email address. This way you will always be kept up to date, in real time, with any changes made to your
profile and plan.

Our services online

MyAxpo Login

If you are a first time user, get registered. All you need is your social security number or Vat number and your customer ID, which you can find in the welcome letter you received as well as in the invoices.

Send us a Request for Assistance

You can get assistance for: profile info, billing, payments, increase/reduce power supply, contract change, meter check, complaints and much more.

The smart Bill: it’s interactive and available online

You can save €1 on each bill you receive if you decide to go paperless (online). Through My Axpo, you can download a copy of all your bills and view a simplified version of costs: our Smart Bill.

Send in your gas reading online or through the app

Prefer not to have any surprises at the end of the year? Send in the reading every month through your personal area: MyAxpo. This way you will always receive a bill with an up to date usage.

Online customer service 24 hours a day on MyAxpo | Everything you can ask for: online!

Need to update your profile or make a change in your contract?

  • Registered office address, shipping address or billing address
  • Vat / Tax number (contract change)
  • Company name
  • General information about the owner, legal representative, signatory of the bank account 

Need to adjust an invoice or ask for more info?

  • Change your account billing settings
  • File a claim regarding billing
  • Update Vat / excise taxes
  • Modify invoice groups 

Need assistance with the meter?

  • Increase/reduce power supply
  • Disconnect your power supply
  • Send a request for a meter check
  • File a claim for suspension / voltage drop 

Need help with payments?

  • Request a statement
  • Update your bank details
  • Request for an installment plan
  • Request to pay a credit note 

Do you have a plan with a Green Option (100% of your energy is from renewable sources) and you want to know how to communicate your commitment to the environment?

Get your Green Option Kit which includes decals and stickers that can be used anywhere in your offices or on the packaging of your products; all of which are Axpo’s 100% Energy from Renewable Resources trademark. 

Want to contact a local agent for a business enquiry?

Through MyAxpo, you can make a request for assistance and locate your nearest Axpo representative. 

Contact us

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  • Phone

    Toll Free number 800.199.979 – Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

    A team of specialized consultants is available Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm - call our toll free number. The call is free of charge from landlines and cell phones. 


Live chat support through MyAxpo, help in real time: While browsing through your personal area and you can’t find what you are looking for, ask for help by chatting directly with one of our operators to speed up your search.

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